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Amoghasiddhi, Buddhism, unfailing power, is the fifth dhyanibuddha, or meditation buddha; worshipped from around 500 BC to present. He is one of five mystic spiritual counterparts of the human buddha in Vajrayana Buddhism; a product of Adibuddha who represents the branch of the cosmos concerned with consciousness. He originates from the red mantra HUM and lives in the northern paradise. His Shakti is Ayra-Tara and he is usually accompanied by two Garudas or dwarfs. His color is green, and attributes are the staff and sometimes a seven-headed snake. Amoghasiddhi is also taken as a tutelary god in Lamaism (Tibet) and attributes include the bell, jewel, three monkish robes and prayer wheel. He has many emanations. A.G.H.


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