Best Mystical Books to read – Mysticism novels

Mysticism is one of the forms of the idealist-religious conception of the world. The doctrine about the possibility of spiritual relationships between man and divinity, of the possibility, through revelation, of conceiving the «mysteries» of being, c & c, serves as a foundation for mysticism.

All current religious doctrines are nourished by mysticism. Throughout history, mysticism, like religion, was an instrument of struggle against science, against everything progressive in history.

Mysticism reached a special flourishing in the circles of the current imperialist bourgeoisie. The bourgeois, in his panic fear of the proletarian revolution, seeks salvation in the miraculous and supernatural mysticism.

A series of philosophers of the current bourgeois society stood openly on demonology, mysticism and religion. (James in America, Bergson in France).

Also in the current bourgeois science infiltrate the mystical elements. For example, certain English physicists affirm that there exists, the three known dimensions of space, a fourth one, populated with spirits.



Best Mystical Books to read

Mystical books on mysticism from mystics to mystics.

The Books of Enoch: Fallen Angel

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This fantastic christian theology book is written by Dr Joseph B Lumpkin. The first three books of Enoch along with this one named as Fallen Angels narrates and sews together the historical events. It reiterates the teachings of the bible and helps in understanding them.

This book can answer a lot of questiosn residing in the minds of many people. It might be a little complex for some readers and not for casual readers.

But once you start reading it, there is no turning back, and it is definitely worth the time and money. See related article about the book of enoch in the encylopedia.


Sacred Rhythms: Arranging Our Lives for Spiritual Transformation

sacred rythms

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Written by Ruth Haley Barton it has won the Logos Book Award, back in 2006. This book can help you in creating closeness and relationship with God. As the name suggests itself, this book is beneficial for the individuals who are burdened under the immense weight of their emptiness.

This book will help them in reigniting a passion and refresh their beliefs. The language is very simple yet concrete. The author has made the subject very intriguing, inviting and friendly which is very helpful in spiritual transformation.


The Practice of the presence of God

practice of presence of god

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Beautifully written by Brother Lawrence. The book teaches us the secret of living in this world created by God. Also, the book often iterates the fact that God lives within us. It tells us that we shouldn’t be satisfied with a brief moment of worship.

On the contrary, if we want to get the abundance of God’s grace, we should never be content with a small amount of worship. The book is written in a simple language so that it can easily be understood. Buy it either for yourself or gift it to a loved one.


The Secret Teachings of All Ages

secret teaching of all ages

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This thought-provoking book is written by Manly P. Hall. The book is as amazing as its title, filled with information.

The book is composed of almost 50 chapters, and each section is a world in itself. After reading this fantastic piece of art, you will surely be able to understand other aspects of life. Such as Tarot, Ceremonial Magic, Philosophy, Mystery religions etc.

The book contains detailed information, to satiate your hunger of knowledge. The most appropriate word for this book would be “Fascinating”.


The Science of Intuition

the science of intuition

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This book explaining how to access the inner-net of intuitive knowledge is written by Nora Truscello. The book will allow you to understand what intuitions are and will make it easily accessible and understandable for you.

The exercises in this book will enable you to understand your day to day activities. This book might be beneficial in making the right decisions.



The mystical books discussed are the top tier work. Any of these books can quickly change your thought process. It will make you understand life and help you in making your day to day decisions.

Moreover, they can also be a gift item for your loved ones.

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