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Mysticism is one of the forms of the idealist-religious conception of the world. The doctrine about the possibility of spiritual relationships between man and divinity, of the possibility, through revelation, of conceiving the “mysteries” of being, c & c, serves as a foundation for mysticism. All current religious doctrines are nourished by mysticism. Throughout history, mysticism, like religion, was an instrument of struggle against science, against everything progressive in history. Mysticism reached a special flourishing in the circles of the current imperialist bourgeoisie. The bourgeois, in his panic fear of the proletarian revolution, seeks salvation in the miraculous and supernatural mysticism. A series of philosophers of the current bourgeois society stood openly on demonology, mysticism and religion (James in America, Bergson in France). Also in the current bourgeois science infiltrate the mystical elements. For example, certain English physicists came to affirm that there exists, at the same time as the three known dimensions of space, a fourth one, populated with spirits.


Books on Mysticism

Mystical books from mystics to mystics.


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