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Why there has to be a god

by Clint Clark

Want to end the war? Let the cat out of the bag.


Please don't let Religious Leaders use this latest natural disaster in the
Indian Ocean to their financial and membership growth advantage. This kind
of lasting damage to humankind and our planet would be worse than the death
and destruction caused by the tsunami. Now is the time to "Let the cat out
of the bag."

We need to look ahead at what typically happens after a world tragedy. The
marketing value to Christians is immense. See this issue of Time magazine:


They will use this as some kind of sign from God, to increase their
membership and eventually exploit those who are gullible enough to get
involved with the hoax (be converted). It has happened time and again,
especially in the last 160 years, beginning with Lincoln's Second Address to
the Nation. We really lost ground after that one (the Civil War). We need to
be (though I hate this word) "proactive." Or, we are going to lose a lot of
ground from this one. The 638 some radio evangelists stations, world wide,
are already gearing up to take advantage of these poor people in their time
of need and grieving. They just did it in Iraq; they will do it here too.


Please get the word out to as many places as you can think of.

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