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When Gods walk the earth

by David Bersson


Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law


It is extremely important for my Great Work to expound My school of thought. My former essay on Volitional Awareness was an attempt to inspire my disciples with this concept. Part of My Great Work is to elaborate carefully on Volitional Consciousness, show how it manifests from empathy with the Book of the Law and observe it very carefully.

Please note that a complete school of thought is not simply an insight. An insight is only the cell. Volitional Consciousness is the body that constitutes a new Tree of Life much more closely corresponding to the Book of the Law.

With this new school of thought you awaken to consciousness in a savage and vulgar world, ( at least An XCVII when this is being written), where strength of consciousness is not the norm for the world. It is still very early in the Aeon of Horus and people are shocked by the sheer energy and power of a Thelemite. The profane looks at our Law and attempts insane and confused conclusions.

We are persecuted and hounded by not only those who are Cursed in the Third Chapter but would be Thelemites who have not the moral courage to vibrate with its energy. I know. My pride is seen as arrogance. My strength is seen as ego. My words are twisted around and my rivals see only sick, mundane death threats.

I am only known by a few thousand as a true Master. The rest of the world cocks their eyebrow and sees lies in every insight and lecture I attempt. At this moment I am alert to the hatred, sickness of the majority who live their lives in the pit of because. Volitional Consciousness and its attainment for humanity is essential for coming closer to the magical and spiritual body of the Book of the Law. Volitional Consciousness is the magical link which begins the process of the Greater Initiations. Like any school of thought it will have its dangers, ordeals and curses. For to embrace this school of thought will show the wisdom and danger of responsibility. It will show the courage and balance of binding your words by your deeds.

The opposition will be alerted to your existence in no time at all. You may be feared more than you are loved for we live in a world that is still stifled by the slave lords of religion who continue to bind the free man to the chains of dogma. So be forewarned that the more this Volitional Consciousness awakens you, the more you will sweep the illusion of common reality with your mighty sword. I know not thy karma. You could at any time be executed or imprisoned for your stand on any issue.

Initiation occurring in our civilization meets with dire interference that acts both as a test and a gauge of when to Lurk. It is not an easy Task to awaken to consciousness for the first time and have everyone around you still asleep. Let's look closer at this problem from the perspective of an Initiation of a volitional nature.

Some attain to this state over the years by Communication with someone who has already attained it. Some attain to this state by constantly reading the Book of the Law without studying it.

All attain it eventually if they do magick enough and become the dominant master of their circle.

With Volitional consciousness comes direct empathy with Thelemic Communication and the discipline laid out by the Hierarchy. (Whether you are a member of a magical order or not the concept of "Hierarchy" will come into play.) We are energizing the "word of the Law" in our consciousness by using qelhma directly to boldly confront every situation that we deem necessary.

How does this change the normal, mundane aspirant whose walk of life has been for all intents and purposes purely a manifestation of a slave current? Easy, that aspirant would be awakening to a new perspective where he does not react to the same stimuli as that aspirant did before the energizing. Suddenly, any enslaving influence that is encountered becomes an obstacle in the path of the true will of the aspirant. The mundane aspirant, once content to permit others to rule him, observe him, stand in front of him and remark of him becomes suspect of being a hindrance to the next step. If this Initiation has occurred this person is changed FOREVER.

We have now defined much more clearly what the ancients mean when they referred to our male Adepts as "beast". To avoid the cumbersome dogma that has clearly been attached to the name "beast" by uncivilized creatures like Gnostic and roman christians this consciousness is referred to (not only as a convenient alternative definition but as an expression of an entirely new school of thought) as "volitional consciousness" We encourage scientists, either in the branch of psychology or other outer sciences to study it by the method of science.

Now then, when this "volitional consciousness" occurs in a female adept in the western esoteric system we refer to her casually as a Sorceress and formally as a Scarlet Women. The female undergoing this transformation no longer reacts to the same stimuli in the same fashion. She experiences nearly all the same mystical experiences from direct contact with these forces already described. The situation is slightly changed, however, for we are observing the changes in a female of our species and not a male.

Yes, the women whose initiations have manifested within her being have given her real revelations on how she must proceed to the next step of her path. She must know the law of her breeding and observe the warning of the Warrior God or her child will be slain. This rule and law is clearly laid forth in the Book of the Law. Only the most brave of the females have the moral courage to do what needs to be done. According to the rules that Aiwass commands us her failure results in the cold, dusk, wet streets where she dies cold and an-hungered.

Fortunately, so few women have the courage to take this route that very few woman see this dire fate. Its certainly a joy to see the spirit of rebellion that make's a woman's eyes sparkle as they venture forth to the "pinnacles of power". A woman who has gained this volitional consciousness has shifted her bio-magical-system so radically that it will affect her next new born. The newborn will be born with a strong seed of the "beast" and will grow up as a mighty king. Now the volitional consciousness that this child will attain will be infinitely more energized that a Master like myself who grew into it rather than was born into it.

Such magical children can do more in twenty-five year period than others not born like Him could do in two hundred years. Racial initiation is of course advanced in strength and courage. This means the entire human race evolves faster if the child is born under proper conditions.

Herein is the beginning of true freedom. No Government is capable of taking away this freedom. This freedom resides in the core of the star of the aspirant. How can I describe this? One's soul is on rampage against slavery. The deepest tricks of Government are stripped naked before you. You feel dominant before the face of adventure. Your self-confidence increases. You stride down a street like God Incarnate has erupted within your being. The energy does not cease. Magical Powers appear and disappear. Visions awaken. Your eyes open wide. And suddenly...

You read your own words in a letter addressing others and realize you are in complete control of what you have said. You cannot lie to yourself anymore. The frankness that has started to become apparent to others seems strict and demanding.

You continue to see what this new magical personality will teach you about existence. The revelation that others in the past, who have attained this state, have met with disaster is realized. You feel this strong urge that you have become too strong for the world. You realize you either Lurk or become known as a tyrant. For the average human being follows the herd so closely that " qelhma awakened" for them is the same as being possessed by the devil or a madman issuing death threats or a mystic converting to some strange, unknown, mad sorcery.

"I'm acting like the Book of the Law tells us", you whisper to yourself wondering why they cannot see what you have seen and felt. In time you realize that your critics are nothing more than gossips that have never seen the first Great Initiation and they fear you. They suspect or speculate you've become a black brother or have entered a world of madness which there is no apparent return. Yet, how can they distinguish? They cannot view the planes properly. No real perspective has been imparted to them from the higher planes. The observer who has not attained thinks in one dimension, his ego is totally and completely out of control. Suddenly you are living in an asylum with you as the only person sane.

No doubt, a student eventually comes along and proves he or she has started the process within himself by showing you a letter. You realize that he or she has found that lost treasure of volition and is returning to a strength that is linked to the greatest of primal survival. You then rest easy that another star has brightened its light in the universe of stars, which we have come to know as Our Goddess Nuit!

A few of Us exist. A few of Us have awakened to this Volitional Consciousness. Behold, We are like Gods that walk the earth!

Love is the law, love under will

Essays by David Bersson

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