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We shouldn't be here!


The husband of my second cousin was determined that I would join his religious email list, religious emails relating to the life of Christ. It worked like an chained letter, you received the email an email and send it to ten Christians who each send it to ten others. I guess this is to spread the word of Christ, why not to non-Christians too?

Since I am not participating I decided to write this essay which is partially biographical. In Catholic grammar school a priest asked the class how we knew there was a God. He called on me and I answered, "Because he made the world, Father." That is still my answer.

My family visited my aunt, my father's sister, who was a Catholic nun. I was eight or nine, or much younger. Our visits were once or twice a month. My aunt would preach or rave on how wicked and evil the world was. She said God was so angry that he was just holding his hand back to keep from destroying the world and everyone in it. She meant he could do it at any minute. This was pretty scary stuff for a little boy.

In Catholic grammar school once our class went to confession on a Thursday so we could receive Communion at a first Friday mass. After returning from confession the Sister said, "Now we are ready to die." She meant we were in a state of sanctifying grace and our souls would go straight to heaven. I wondered why it was important for us to die then and not live our lives as we were intended to.

Now let's begin to make some meaning out of all of this prediction of gloom that occurred in my life some sixty or seventy years ago. First, I do not know the man. His initial communication with me was to ask for my email address. I sent it to him thinking he wanted to better get acquainted. Next I was on the list receiving these emails. The same thing as I grew up with: not being asked but being told that you will.

If the Sister in school had been right I would have died. I surely would not be writing this essay or have accomplished what I've tried to do in life. This leaves the question: would it been better for me to have died than to have lived even though others have said God wanted me to do certain things.

When we examine my aunt's prediction that God was ready to destroy the world things really become dismal or interesting depending upon how you want to view it. My second cousin and her brothers would not have been born, and neither would her children nor their children. I would say the same is true for her husband and a portion of his family. There would be no television, computer, or everything we know as the modern world. Finally, perhaps, we would be in heaven or hell without them.

Yes, many are asking the old standby question: "What does it profit a man to gain the whole world and loose his soul?" Did anyone really, seriously answer that question? Did you really think of what it would mean for one man to own and control the world? Please do and besides getting the obvious answer that it would be impossible you would quickly realize the man or woman would be in a sure hell trying solely to control everything.

This makes the old standby question both ridiculous and important. Ridiculous because no single person could own and control the world by himself; no rational person would want to. The importance of the question is that it illuminates how bias most Christians are against the world. This is shown by some of their current biblical rhetoric: "God will destroy the world," "he is going to burn good and evil," "…pray for us sinners…" "Oh, what wretched sinners are we…"

This anti-world ambulance originated in the Jewish religion, in the beginning. It began after Adam disobeyed God. God cursed the Serpent, saying it would be the most cursed of all the beasts of the field. Eve would bear children in labor. Adam would struggle with weeds and thorns of the field, eating bread by the sweat of his brow. God is cursing the earth that he created?

This was the beginning then centuries later his son, Jesus Christ, added it is better to be a eunuch if you can. Here is the increase of ambulance to life joining ambulance to the world. Christians wonder why nature lovers hate them. People just wonder how many more people that Christians will prematurely try to kill off with their end of the world rhetoric. They proclaim the world evil but eat its food to stay alive like everyone else, sort of ingratitude.

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