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Transfixed by the Mirrored Image

By Ron O. Cook

How often do you meditate upon your own being? What control do you exert upon the direction of your thought? Who are you, really? Questions always seem to descend upon your consciousness when you are alone and contemplative. Loneliness is a strange state that few of us dare sustain for any length of time. We are afraid of isolation, particularly when faced with listening to the multifarious sounds of our bodily functions. If we can persevere while left alone with the miracle of existence and the very thought that we are participating in an astronomically unique experiment in mysterious power-events, we soon find that we can loom large in the realm of knowledge.

We then progress from the essence of existence into that place where reality becomes. So, if you could be newly created, then left alone on an island-molecule somewhere in cyberspace, what would your thoughts be on a condition devoid of visceral and emotional information?

How would you perceive your surroundings? What difference would anything mean to the reality of things such as sex, image, time, space, power or love? If, over a duration, you happened to see where your data-of-being was coming from, say some feedback such as a mirror image of yourself -- what would your reaction be upon viewing the entity you thought you weren't. Would you be transfixed (frozen) in amazement and focused-evaluation of the curious reflection upon your mind?

The journey of existence is somehow tied up in the image of our being. Humanity has for eons taken its reflection for granted as the reality of what its universe must be -- yet, there is apparently much more beyond the illusion of animated atoms (pixels?) dancing in front of our faces. If we could only perceive what we cannot see because of the incomplete lens that serves as data-gatherer (mind) to our psyche. One may want to see what makes all this "stuff" really work.

Mankind seems caught in a web of self-interest. Once we become transfixed by our own image, we cannot isolate our actions from the protection of our own visual-logo and its message to other beings...the THEY. The THEY or the OTHER seems to energize our psyche almost as batteries to recharge us. We delight upon being noticed by the light of their gaze and secondarily our own. Response is important to our well-being. The multitudinous webs of feedback loops entangle our perceptions to such an all encompassing degree that we soon are unable to look beyond the structures that the web has built within our minds. It becomes our world. We cannot see beyond our own images thereby transfixing our minds into opaque filters that withhold the true reality of the universe. We stand, blinded by the light and its magnificence. We once knew this existence, a cosmic duration that we can only remember vaguely in this state of being, though we are the results of its background workings.

For some, near death experiences (NDE) have opened a peephole upon the dreamscape of a larger reality exposing sublime realms that lurk within the depths of our souls. Could these doorways of amplified perception signal the beginning of humanity's time to join the reality of Godhead? The electromagnetic spectrum seems to be the stage of Reality's performance with a broadcast that may issue from a hidden generative order to become focused upon the arena of the physical. From the dreamscape of creativity issues the dimensions of a holographic universe built within the realms of a multifaceted being. That one existence just may be the particulate to the puzzle of a collective humanity.

Today, we are upon the threshold of understanding if mankind has the will to face the mirror of his own image and grasp its "total" meaning. That mirror is currently manifesting through the new technologies of holography, virtual reality, fractal geometry and a refreshed "spiritual" physics that seems to be dawning upon the mindsets of once hardened scientists. Common folks are also seeking to untie the bonds of polarized religious and political leveraging to step into a new maturity that sees beyond demagoguery. The realization that humanity and the universe are inherent within the very fabric of existence, is exposing an anomaly of the former world order. The quantum leap to our psyche is the realization of our forgotten oneness.

The collective WE (One) are alone. From the vast dimensional depths of space to the horizon of creation; as well as, from the edges of complexity to the tiniest point of simplicity; hidden deeply within the motion that causes multiple chaos, exist the impetuous that forever has been this dream of being. One by one, when the memory of our base-beginning returns, we perceive the reason we search within the eyes of our friends, a stranger, relatives, even animals -- we seek reinforcement for existence. Once energized by that powerful light of reflected-Deity we live for the next recognition of our individual existence.

Behind our soulful presence shines another, larger eye on the universe -- it intuits the energy of the others gazes but only sees the reflection of its own. Is our deep fear of being like the One's knowing of absolute loneliness? Is the physical universe the mirror to the face of the One All...our source/s of multiple existence/s projected from the dreamscape of true reality thus manifesting the illusion of physical or virtual holo-existence? If the above were true, could the individual mind ever comprehend the totality of this idea. Look into the Other's eye and search. You would not exist without the other.



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