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Time Teleportation

by Dracoruos

I am the one who was. I am the one who is. And I am the one who will be. Before time was. I was.

After time dies I shall prevail.

The weak shall not inherit the earth. But rather die on their knees as they plead for my mercy

I am living incarnate of balance.

Some say I'm evil or insane.

But I am niether sane nor insane. good nor evil.

but rather I am both .

for I am the physical imbodiement of the abstract principal that in the end all must be and will be equal.

for eons I have watched the pittiful wars between good and evil. I have seen both darkness attempt to ingulf the light and light try to vanqish the darkness.

never to any prevail . for I and I alone command the timestream and safegaurd the balance of power . thus neither forces can ever enslave the other.

thus neither can win. thus all shall lose.

So to save the all consuming effort of safegaurding the timestream from corruption I shall doom all life to an early inevitable ending. so be forwarned. and pray to what ever god in which you still proclaim your faith. for thou shall all perish before come morning light on the planet in which thou breed.

on the new eve year. 2000 years from whence the holy son appeared as mortal vessage.

but do not fear death but rather embrace it for it not a ending. but a glorius begining. for thou shall become the things stars and magick consist of.



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