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Time For Humanity to Choose Freedom

by Clint Clark

Don't allow these idiots, and their social control devices (Judaism,
Christianity, and Islam), to tear apart our world. These Old Testament
religions originated as "Ruling Class - Worker Bee" models and have remained
in place for centuries. Every political-religious (ruling class to ruling
class) conflict in history that they have been involved in, has turned out
to be extremely bloody and way too costly. The movie "The Matrix" was trying
to spread an analogy for this "Ruling Class - Worker Bee" model and was
partially successful. Now it's time to explain the analogy and act. We can
not afford to pretend that it does not exist anymore. Knowledge and truth is
powerful. You can help to save our world by reading this online book draft
today; read it while it is still free to do so.

Become matrix-aware today.

If you have an email list or group, please consider forwarding this email on to them.

If you have a news letter, please consider printing a copy of the email in your news letter.

If you know of a media person with an audience and some clout, please consider sending this email to them.

If you are in a discussion group or take a college course in humanities,
politics, history, social psychology, social studies, human rights, women's
rights, theology, or philosophy, please consider this as a topic to discuss
or to write a report on.

Let's jointly rally to the cause and save our world today. Thank you.


Clint Clark
Author/ Film Composer/ Cultural Anthropology Enthusiast

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