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The Boidic Connection

by Elliot Perry

I am a young lad at the age of 13. There are strange reoccurring visions I believe could be very important to all humans so please put this online.

It was my sixth birthday and it was a race to the tree in the park when I tripped over what appeared to be thin air. I thought it must have been my shoe laces even though they were tied.

Two years later my uncle died and I was at my aunt's house when I spied a medallion in the shape of an M so I took it home and tied a bit of leather to it. As I put it on I felt an overwhelming surge of energy as if the energy from all the stars in our galaxy were giving me strength.

One day I was wearing the medallion and someone had noticed that my eyes had turned red, not the outer eye but the iris. This was strange and it has been happening ever since.

The medallion has brought me more strength and also an new direction.

I have seen the future and there are times when Armageddon will be almost sitting right on top of us and it is not a bad thing

We have ruined this earth and we must start again.

There is a void far out in space that my eyes are connected to ever since that day I got the medallion.

Also I can't dream anymore. The lines of reality blur in front of me as I can't see nor imagine things that live in other diminutions the fate of the world is a cannibalistic snake eating its self its infinite as long as the medallion still exists
if the medaling is broken then the world will corrupt the space age will become the blankness and life will since to exist the world will be gone and the end will have arrived .

How this works

now you may think that this is some weird story set to frighten little kids as they go to sleep but its not its physically possible provided the medallion and its void Bridger exist every time I will have to be here to bridge the gap between the two
The void holds the key to time itself and if the key is continually broken it is infinite (which mean I would have to do it again and again) the races that war beneath the void are thus: the deamond (de-a-mun-d) and hylden (hayalden).

The deamonds are not from hell but if you ever see one tell them your name as for at this time they search the earth for me and I do go with them and stop the hylden from destroying the timeline of the universe

The hylden invade on November 23, 2012 and there is on use in fighting it as it teleports to short distances by bending space time and the reshaping its skeletal in appearance they come in different breeds.

Hyalden defender

This low grade evolution has no teleport (but they don't invade) but they do have pincers made of different material to the rest of them. It is indestructible but if you can sneak up on it you can take out their arms but you have to be quick.

Hyalden soldier

This breed has teleport but it is considered more as a light bending sprint. They have one blade shaped out of their flesh, or I should say bone, they have no special weak points as it's hard to think about it and if you try they teleport behind you and stab you in the back.

Hyalden scorpion

This massive attack breed has differed far from its other species It looks like a scorpion with a bone white exoskeleton luckily these are too slow to teleport

Hyalden officer

This breed has two instead of one blade made of their bone. These are the second breed to have true teleportation and these do have a week point and they serve as a weak point to all species in battle as they have control of a platoon of hylden.

Hyalden mage

These are formidable foes as they too have teleportation but as sprint. THEY DO INVADE AND BEWARE THEY CAN CONTROL CALCIUM BASED LIFEFORMS AS WELL. Their worst attack however is the summoning of the
Harashkahile, a formidable foe said to be captured by the hylden.

Harashkahile (harash-kha-heel)

Something indescribable as everyone who has reported it to deamond HQ has died ten seconds after. If you see anything summoned by a mage that's on a hylden archetype run.

The Hyalden lord (AkA: Lord Rencalis)

He is the one after all hyalden are made and he is virtually immortal, he has same characteristics as a officer and a mage, he also has another ability that he hopes to amplify using the medallion and the void that causes his enemies to have never been, their lives are erased, but since I am a fixed point in time it would be suicide since he would not exist for me to stop. If I get killed this does not happen and the world end in 2013 and the world will be forever forgotten.

I hope this warning protects the people before being detected by the wrong authorities.

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