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The Vision

by Ashley Conlan

Some years ago I was meditating when I experienced for the first and only time in my life an out of body experience, at the age of 25. I was fully conscious of what was happening, I could still sense my body but my mind / spirit traveled.

Floating in total darkness without a body seeing through the eyes of my soul high above what could be described as a cliff top I looked down into a sea of multi colored lines that where luminous below water? the lines appeared and disappeared appearing randomly of different lengths, they were hypnotic and the most beautiful sight I have ever seen.

Slowly my being started moving over what I call this sea of consciousness, floating and being drawn over...the darkness cleared and a white mist appeared, within the mist were several robed figures, one stood out in brilliant white that did not blind me, I felt the most incredible feeling of holiness and goodness. The figure faded and suddenly thump I was back in my earth body and my eyes shot open.

I have told few people of this, in fear of what they might think. After the vision I felt for several days a warm touching sensation like a warm cloth in what I have learned since is the region of the third eye, about an inch below ones middle forehead. For a long time all I wanted to do was good things.

Before the vision occurred I was meditating, simply closing my eyes and trying to rest my breathing, clearing my mind from daily problems...nothing special. I am not religious, or practice any esoteric forms of worship or meditation. I consider myself just a normal person with normal needs. I am a businessman, with a family and follow a simple life. I do not consider myself a good or special person, I have many faults and selfish ways, very human.

I would never have believed in such things if it didn't happen to me, but it did. I wanted to write this so that other ordinary people who have experienced such things may not feel crazy or alone.

Take care and be happy in whatever faith you follow.



I am no longer ashamed of what happened to me and you can reach me via email at panrop@gol.com if you ever want to drop me a line.

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