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The Unspoken Battle Of The Soul
~ AncientWinds

By Janis Woodman Warren

As to speak, and as to know; that once before…we all did stow the truth by sacred spirits pledge within our hearts and souls~and utter only to the wind 'O house of mine, divining kin...whence cometh now...time and again?"...For in your absence we have spent the loneliness of ageless myth…and queried long as to the quip of swords of fancy, Lore's of men.

As wonders of the ethereal plane, swept before me as refrained…called me into keeps of olde ~ Where fathers wept and mothers told …in silent mysteries upon the soul, of 'days of wonder, times of olde' ...knights of valor, queens less bold.... the binding of this sacred hold...~ of days unnumbered; strengths unshown...of winding stairs and paths of gold... Of music moving mortal souls to understand the secret's code' take upon the valiant coat...which abides in love forevermore.

To reach beyond the sense of man…and strike the fire up make a stand, to start the wave...which opens to us from the grave...the wisdom of a sleeping knave...the honor of Our silent way...which sees us welcomed at the gate; and goes before us through these days...and bids us listen to the fate~of majesty within this place...where mystic origins meet and wait...

For in the realm of nothingness, a light has brought us to this test, to answer for the earnestness of gentle plight and deepest quest...for souls asleep within the blood have stood before me in the flood~ sang to me with heart's afire…to lead us in the troubled hours-to come together that power…and reveal within a certain tower...a being of unyielding hours…Alive within the Souls Inspired...

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