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The Monster

by John Nicholas Sclafani

The ghost tape that I made by accident is of the monster that followed me from my childhood. I had a few friends over… One friend had two kids, one was a boy about nine months old and the other was a girl two years old. I put out a tape recorder for the kids while we played cards. We were all in the same room… Later when I played the tape back you can hear us laughing and the kids playing but… there were screams grunts talking, a dripping noise that turned into a horse galloping someone calling my name and more screams... It was me and my friend's voices… And that thing talking right over us… There were sounds of galloping horses, water dripping and dripping, screams and more screams, and grunts like a huge monster. The sound that echoed through the house and sent chills up and down my spine to this day…

I have played the tape slow, I played the tape fast, to see if it was something else on there from before, its not, its for real… That thing followed me from my childhood… I still get it once and a while. I don't think I am psychic just really in tune to my surroundings. Things like this always happened to me and still do. I see and feel ghosts all the time.

I just moved in to a home where the last owner shot himself in the head. I always saw him.... Mr. Burns. Finally I sat down with him (Mr. Burns) and had a nice talk with him and told him that he was dead (and no, he didn't talk back to me, only a sense of his feelings) and not of this earth anymore I tried to help him into the light... I did. Mr. Burns finally left but I still felt something else another person watching me... Only to find out that a little girl died in a car crash outside my home. She is still here looking, searching. She doesn't scare me. I can go on and on ... But that's another true story…

I still have the tape. I moved out of that place... I couldn't sleep there anymore it was terrifying.... Stuff like this always happens to me and I hate it.... It gets stronger and stronger... I now can see my friends, and who they are with and where they are... These are visions while I am a wake. I can't help it. I never tell anyone except when I wake up screaming because I saw a friend dead or things of that sort.

By the way I don't know if this has anything to do with my visions but St. Francis of Assisi was a relative of mine ... The first known person to ever have stigmata.... My family has two towns in Italy "Chiusa Sclafani" and "Sclafani Bagni" both had castles and the one in "Bagni" fell after 700 years all the boys where counts of Sclafani castles and towns and the females were all countesses,. I am the last... Mom and dad died when I was ten I have been on my own since... Not growing up as royalty, but a street wise kid I've been beaten, kidnapped, raped, drugged, and had guns and knives put to my head and neck, death threats and all... Now that I'm grown up I don't have a clue as to my past except that if I were born in Italy I would be Count John Nicholas Sclafani of Chiusa Sclafani.

If anyone has information about my family please contact me, John Nicholas Sclafani at countjsclafani1@aol.com.

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