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The Lady in my Dream

by Alan Hefner

Several years ago I ready a book describing Countess Elisabeth Bathory, the countess who had her assistants murder her young women servants so she might bathe in their blood. She thought these blood baths would preserve her skin and maintain her youth. The work suggested Count Dracula was possibly a female.

During the time that I was reading the book I experienced this dream which seemed at first unrelated. I vividly remembered several of the dream details because at the time I recorded some of my dreams.

In the dream I was seated on a seat next to a stately woman dressed in a purple gown. At first she appeared to wear a jacket-top affair. Her dark hair was atop of her head under a matching purple hat. On her lap she held a small boy.

I say she was a stately woman because we were riding in a large, opened carriage, another empty seat was faced us, with a driver seated above handling four horses. It must have been spring time because everything appeared green, the trees and lawns. I assumed we were in a rich residential area.

As we rode the woman shifted the child so he faced her. As I explained we both were seated on the same seat but not directly next to each other. She opened one side of her jacket. It seemed to drop downward exposing a beautiful breast to which she put the child to suck.

She glanced toward me as if she did not mind me seeing her breastfeeding the little boy, nor did she seem to mind doing it in the opened carriage. Here is where the dream got strange. I was watching the child breastfeed and also I was the child breastfeeding. I was both the observer and doer. I experienced the joys of both. This joy or confusion woke me up.

Afterwards I was aware of the confusion and also that I had a very pleasant dream. I had sensed the child's pleasure of suckling. I still was confused as to how I played two parts in the dream. I hoped this confusion would be solved when I detailed the dream that day. Sadly to say, it wasn't. But I continued enjoying the experience.

During the day I continued reading the book on Countess Bathony. It was then I first connected the dream and the book. Further in the book than I had previously read were pictures of the countess and her castle showing rooms where she tortured her victims. I was fascinated by the pictures of the countess.

At the time a friend was interested in studying dreams too and I wanted to get the first draft of this dream analysis finished before he arrived that evening. He was interested when reading my draft saying the description was so vivid that he knew it impressed me. I told him about my confusion in seeming to play a double role within the dream. He had heard of this reminding me dreams, as we had previously discussed, were not reality but figments of our emotions and imaginations mostly unconscious which do not conform to reality. This represented somewhat a plausible resolution to my confusion.

We discussed the dream further before returning to the living room where the book laid on an end table. My friend inquired how I was coming with my reading. I had gotten a little further than the previous night, I said; adding she was still an intriguing character, more so after the pictures I found.

"Oh there are pictures of her?" he asked.

I answered yes and showed them to him. Silently I waited as he looked at them with interest.

"She was a pretty woman," he remarked. "Perhaps the blood did do something besides feed her imagination or ego?"

"Do you notice something familiar about her?" I asked.

He looked at the pictures again. I pointed to a portrait pose of her without further commenting. He studied it carefully. After several minutes he said, "It is though I've seen her, but where?"

"My dream?"

"Yes," he answered, "the face is like the woman's in your dream, the same nose and the eyes."

"I wondered if I was imagining it," I told him. "I wanted you to verify it. I was sort of shock when finding these pictures this afternoon."

"You mean you had not seen them yesterday?"

"No," I swore to him. "It was just this afternoon."

"The book must've really got your attention," he commented. "Usually a person looks for pictures first before beginning reading. One thing for sure, the contents left an impression on you to have a dream such as that."

"That's why I was shocked when finding these pictures especially hers," I assured him. "I swear I hadn't seen them before this afternoon. It took awhile to gasp that was the lady in my dream."

"I guess so," he answered.

"What happened? Is it subliminal exposure?"

"Don't think so, my friend," he answered. "You're further out in the 'twilight zone' than that."

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