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The Doctor Is In

by Anonymous

Being an empath, surrounded by people feeling this way or that way, can get annoying after a while, but when I discovered that I was a healing empath, I found that I was excited about it. It made sense, and I understood things that had previously confounded me.

I recently began working as a hostess, and the frequent interaction with people has proven to be marvelous practice with controlling my abilities. Well, late one slow night while closing the front of the restaurant, I was cleaning the lobster tank(yes, there's a lobster tank where I work) when I noticed a couple of them fighting. I got the sudden urge to calm them, and without thinking about what I was doing, I put my hand on the ice-cold glass and breathed a slow, relaxing breath. As I calmed down, I could see the lobsters grow calmer as well. I later described the incident to a friend, and said it was sort of like going into the lobsters' minds and removing the agitation from them. He then labeled me a "spiritual medic."

This got me thinking. If I could heal, couldn't I also hurt? Then it hit me. All the years I'd spent wondering why harsh words from my mouth cut so much deeper than others' suddenly made sense. I knew where to aim, and did so without thinking about it. While inciting a lot of questions and theories about myself, this all mostly proves that I still have much to learn about myself and my abilities. I think I was able to calm the lobsters so easily because they aren't terribly complicated in matters of the mind. They're pretty basic. But if I can master simple things first, then move up to more complicated feelings than aggression, perhaps I can fully realize my abilities.

I write this wishing the reader well, hoping that maybe you will be inspired to discover your true self and your reason for being.

May the sun shine on your face, and the wind blow gently on your back.

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