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Future/Time + Ancient/Past = OmegaAge


The Dawning Age of Omega Existences


By Ron O. Cook

We live in defining times where the future and science fiction are blurred out over the time/space continuum. We call this Future/Time. It is a period existing almost as a dreamscape filled with surrealistic images of trends and conditions that are spinning out at chaotic speeds. Such chaos was once unperceived by mankind but now it is reconstituting as order or unity at a higher level of existence and understanding. Some of us are beginning to see this leap of wisdom for what it is.

Now, humanity is on the threshold of visualizing Future/Time as a startling and complex reality as it dovetails with Ancient/Past to present a vision of human duration. We are in a state of intellectual and spiritual limbo that marks an Age or a World of Being, thereby passing on to create the Omega Age -- an era of unsurpassed and burgeoning wisdom of our very being.

Such a pronouncement regarding a period or a state of existence is not announced flippantly for the gravity of the situation is ominous in scope reflecting the destiny of sentient beings. Its very ascendancy suggests that we have reached a watershed and a benchmark in human development and turning back is not an option. From this point on, life as we once knew it will never be the same. The age of ignorance has passed and most of us did not prepare for this punctuated event -- yet, we must catch up.

We beings are beginning to communicate on the intellectual fly at speeds some call Instant Messaging or IM. All knowledge and wisdom culminates at once. The web of networks spread at geometric rates all over the Earth informing and amplifying knowledge and data to augment the global psyche. There are few secrets and much strategy to work the data of business and be-ness anywhere over the face of the planet. Such a rampant flux and reflux of thought globules is unprecedented in this age but there is increasing evidence that it is a reflection of ancient knowledge and wisdom given to us long ago, but was lost in hoary ages past.

The very intricacy of Life's physical makeup suggests design and genetic manipulation of an all encompassing program few of us did anything but take (the human genome) for granted. Feedback looping is happening so fast, Time seems to move to the future and not the past. The very essence of DNA played through the complexity of Quantum Physics and amplified by Nanotechnology, Holography and Virtual Reality, suggests laws and genetic engineering far more advanced than any simplistic happenstance of evolution. To get where we are now required help. That help is becoming recognizable and our view of ancient history must change.

For many of us who are now discovering the Truths of Alternate History anterior to the company-line of academia and touted by the almost daily discovery of new elements to the puzzle of existence, the dawning of Future/Time is readily apparent. Though only a few thousand can see this gestalt reality at present, its embellishment is spreading exponentially -- like a wildfire swept by a hurricane force wind.

The ancient shamanistic concept of a god who always spoke in symbols to our mentality said, "Can you see what I am showing you?" It meant that every act and every instant of our life was part of a multifaceted broadcast of attributes of related meanings imbedded in potential acts and events that could result in positive or negative consequences for us all. If a warrior watched, listened and trained hard enough, all knowing in this realm would be attained. We were given the mind to see this interlaced data as intuition but few have turned on the light to discern its power. Due to the sequences of events and actions, we are now all forced to look at the consequences of our lives with an amplified mental cursor.

The spike of time is rapidly approaching where we will all know that this event of the snake biting its tail completes the living cycle. Soon the reality of our existences will dawn mentally and all will be put on display. The wars humanity has fought were in reality over issues common to each of us, but were manipulated by our collective greed and guilt to amplify the self over the all.

There has always been but one truth and there is no religion higher than that Truth no matter how the generative order was manipulated by mankind.

The record of history is inherent in nature (Physics or God) and its book is open for all to read. Though there are many bifurcations to this arrow of time/space, one knows if he/she truly knows himself or herself. To "Know Thy Self" is the challenge of being alive in this state of existence.

Issuing from the wellsprings of the generative order come the messages of intuitive-knowing -- the higher Truth. This knowledge comes from deep inside the lens of human perception or that which gazes upon the hologestalt record of life found on nature's pages. These pages are called days in passing. They represent the secrets of Godhead and the lessor gods such as Thoth Hermes Trismegistis, the Egyptian god of knowledge and wisdom, also known to the Greeks as Hermes. Others who have attained the light or the Christos state-of-being are privy to the vision of human existence -- the Cosmic Consciousness. It is said that to know this knowledge is to pay greatly in psychic pain, for one must face the ultimate fear of the void to make the unknown, known. It is suffering by facing the Truth.

Today in a world full of misinformation and mental pollution, mankind approaches the threshold and vortex of the crux of being. Most cannot see the reality of his/her own life because of the lusty mirror of their selfish fantasies. We are wrapped up in our own flesh and cannot see the vast harmony of the Otherworld. We have fallen to this plain of manifestation and can not see because of our limited senses, which are focused on desire. What we sense is not reality but the programming or tainted mapping on our human brain, which is our lens on the physical world. Society and "we" have made this condition (the world) what it is today via our own propaganda. It is an information-float, which hides the real.

In mankind's pathway toward enlightenment, he has passed through echelons called lodges or houses (event sequences). He has passed through the Red or Rosy stage and now stands peering from the dark or Black lodge. Its symbol is the scale of justice (Libra), and it represents the knowledge of Good verses Evil. This stage for human trial is located on the edge of the void where only extreme blackness greets the hidden face of fear. Learning the Truth via selfless Love, what some have called the Logos or Reason, can only conquer the fear we find with the dark unknown. If humanity can individually and then collectively overcome this fear where darkness and ignorance emanates from, then we may attain the Great Lodge of Light and no longer be shackled, but free.

The secrets of humanity still lie hidden in the archaeology of the past and in the dig sites located deep within our minds. No other man or woman can help you attain the knowledge of individual beness, unless Love is involved for Oneness. Each of us is born alone and we depart alone. Our lives are a consequence of our own making. We must become seekers of this inner and outer conundrum by searching the pages of the-days-of-our-lives for the consequences of our being.

To understand our part in humanity we must search the ancient records for the messages sent into the future to establish our destiny. If we enlighten ourselves, the way is crystal clear. If we are fearful and self-oriented we play false with others and create a world full of mental pollution. Each of us tries to make decisions built upon lies and illusions that we have come to believe as fact. All of us stare into the face of the unknown, for there is no Truth in a liberally established interpretation (basis: the Garden of Eden). When a society permits each other's aberrations to rise in favor, so as to defray guilt, that society becomes guiltier via permissive habit. To participate with amplifying guilt is to build a wall of gratification that hides the void and the Truth. Fears go inside to eat at the soul and body of the entity or the nation. Disease is the result...the law of consequences takes over.

It is no accident that we are placed in a world marked by birth and death. It is a school to face fears and know reason. Seeking is the cause that sets man to first see himself reflected in the mirror of his own making. He also sees himself in the face of the other and desire preoccupies him. Created man and woman, mankind thus makes his own hell and sometimes seeks his own immortality in unrecognized sexuality. Man stumbles upon power that distracts him from the original cause. He finds violence, wealth, knowledge, beauty, and mistaken love as power vehicles to leverage physical events and people that become the illusions which he buys into. He becomes selfish and seeks via some power phase, to build frequency of gratification to tickle his ego or psyche. To these ends he becomes addicted to power and gratification thus allowing obsession to take over his life. Seeking the Otherworld slows or ends.

As man and woman, mankind seeks to divide itself against itself for more illusive power to the entity. One looks upon the other seeing the divine design principles of the Universe inherent within being and strives to embrace it. Illusionary beauty hides the void for it is manifest only at its edges. Just as the Island Molecule of the Mandelbrot Set (established by fractal geometry) shows a graphic example of how being is emulated by numbers, our universe must also act in metaphorical manner.

Each aspect of humanity stares at the other over the void and dances to create a masterful illusion. It is at this point where "lies" are leveraged to divide being. Morality is jettisoned for the power of maintaining the lie of beauty. Nature is used by one aspect or the other (gender) to entice, then have protection from the perceived insecurity of the void. One aspect is built around the edges of the void and therefore is inundated with vast fears, which the other aspect seeks to defray via violence and strength. From the void issues the birth of potential which man and woman cannot initially understand. It perpetuates the condition of fear. Fear pulls each together for comfort and security thus producing joint gratification in the reinforcement of existence. It is only an illusion.

Man and woman must end their predilection with power sources (Illusions) for self-gain. We must reach out for each other's cleansed persona by stopping the following: no more games; no more macho or threats of violence; no more taking of life or that, which is not, ours to take...ours is to give; no more emotional blackmail (tears) via screaming and threats of self-infliction or else (suicide); no more guilt trips; no more martyrs; no more poor-little-ole-meism for self-pity; no more pouty lips; no more cuteness at the expense of dedication; no more reinforcement of someone else's weakness to seem nice for self-aggrandizement; no more permissivism; no more gift giving for expected returns; no more masquerading in the clown's painted face or ostentatious apparel for self-attention; no more illusions; no more sexual teasing using exposed bodyparts once found in intimate settings; no more privileged status for gender or race over earned merit and knowledge; no more governments for the elite over the merit of the supporter; no more reward for any effort which produces addiction to laziness; no more false play or mutualism of ills to reinforce that "everybody is doing it;" no more lies or mental pollution for misinformation to thwart reality; All of the above springs from liberal hegemony against a reality built upon truth.

Once it was said, "He who is without sin, let him cast the first stone." Now perhaps it is time for the sinners of our society to wake up and cast out the stones within themselves so they may see the real Otherworld. "If it is to be, it must be me. Someone has got to do it...to face the Truth of our being and becoming."THE CATALYST.

Not that One is, But that whereby Is, is.


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