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Sit Ubu, sit.
Good Mind.

lbcat 99

I struggle to take control of my mind.
Blank out yesterdays recollections.
To deny what tomorrow may find
Resist fantasies of chance predictions.

If I am to survive and to thrive
Only now, this moment must rule.
No wishful scenario I contrive
Will ensure me a hero or a fool.

Right here as each breath occurs
I am invited to focus my attention.
Meditation strengthened by chanted words
Efforts reward my path with protection.

Endless time spent in a place of pain
Exhausted, I relinquish and surrender.
Just faith remains as my mind I train
To rediscover the self I have yet to remember.

Even as the difficulty of now unwavers
I seek trust and fruition of all my dreams.
Force pleasure out of mundane labors
Assured my patience will a restless spirit redeem.

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