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Seeker of Truth

by Anonymous

What am I here to do?
Is there not some plan?
Some purpose to this existence?
Should I not be changing the status quo?
Why do I have this feeling of destiny?
This sense that I must uncover something...
Feeling constantly that I am born to do something...
Something important, something meaningful and significant.

Being raised as a Pentecostal Christian, my mother told me about the "Rapture" and Revelations. She told me that I would be left behind. At the time of the Rapture, she told me that I would refuse the mark of the "Beast" and be persecuted for my beliefs. There has been only the suffering caused by my own mistakes and decisions so far. And now I have recently found joy and true happiness with a woman I love dearly.

Yet I still yearn to know something more about this universe. I want to expand my knowledge. Can I heal more than a sore back or a headache? Can I do more than cause it to rain or turn a hurricane? These were things that happened it seemed after I became aware of the circumstance and focused my awareness upon them. Psychic readers have told me I am a Warlock afraid to use his power. I worry that I am having "delusions of grandeur". This is where I, being an insignificant one of the many promote myself to the higher plane of one having "mystical powers-untapped" in order to make myself feel better about being just another face in the crowd.

Christianity, Buddhism, Muslims, Jewish, Hindus, and all the religions of all of mankind are expressions of Faith-belief in a God or Gods, spokes on the wheel of Life. We are human beings living on a vast planet called Earth. This world is so beautiful that with our five senses we experience God through creation. Everyone has sensed beauty. Everyone has sensed awe when we look up at the night sky and see the endless wonder of the universe...the stars, the galaxies, the infinity. There is no end and I cannot find the beginning of all of this. I just continue to seek and wait and stay in a continual state of awe...

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