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Seeker of Truth

by Dana Cribari 2006
and the Purple Phoenix, LLC

We can exist physically on Earth without ever consciously perceiving the energy fields we walk through, that surround us, and that we create. For we create the space we live in, just like we create our lives. When we consciously create the space within and surrounding ourselves, we tap into the power of creating sacredness. This is sacred space.

Creating sacred space comes from understanding some simple, yet powerful tools: intent, centering, grounding, clearing, and creating a circle/spherical boundary of energy. I've listed each in the order I like to use them, but you may find another order more beneficial to yourself.

Intent: Thoughts are things. Every thought you have, entertain and create is a force of moving energy-resonance. Everything in the universe resonates with energy, even the densest and coldest materials-diamonds and ice. When you resonate with a certain thought or emotion, you are in the act of drawing that resonance to you and thus creating the events that come into your life. If you want to change your life and/or change the space around you, change your intent, hange your resonance.

Centering: Whenever I think of centering, it is akin to calling all parts of myself home. We scatter ourselves to the winds with our busy busy lives and forget that we are ineffective when we are fragmented. How can you accomplish anything and/or focus if your heart is in one place, your mind in another, and the rest of you scattered around the world? Come home to yourself.

I start by going to whatever physical space I have chosen, close my eyes and breathe. Breathe long, deep, beautiful breaths in and out. Breath is life. As you let your breaths out, allow yourself and feel yourself relax muscle by muscle. When you get to a point, and you'll know when, it's time to consciously call/ask for all parts of yourself to come home. The first time I did this, I did it vehemently, because I was so disgusted with myself for being scattered. And the power of my intent led to a powerful response. I felt the impact of myself coming home nearly immediately.

As the parts of yourself come home to yourself, you'll begin to feel an energetic/soulful center inside yourself that connects deeply. This is your spiritual home while you are on the planet. This is your spiritual center. Being in this place is your center and your centering.

Grounding: We are spiritual, energetic creatures living in a physical body, and our environment surrounding us reflects that. So, when we ground, we are grounding in both the spiritual, energetic realm, as well as the terrestrial, physical plane. There are many various techniques you can use to ground. This one is my favorite: Standing or sitting, concentrate on the energy running up and down through your spine. Picture it as pure white light. Then, send a cord of pure white light out the base of your spine, deep into the Earth and let it expand out into roots and anchor yourself there. You can also send white light out the bottoms of your feet. This anchors you to the terrestrial plane. Then, go back to concentrating on your spine and send a chord of white light out the crown of our head, far up into the atmosphere. Again, send out roots (or limbs!) and secure your energy. This anchors you in the celestial plane. To me, all of this is akin to becoming very much like a tree!

Clearing: Since the universe is filled with complex, multi-dimensional, diverse resonances, we are always living in this resonance soup. A lot of resonances are simply garbage, mucking up the clarity. And depending on the mood you are in during the day, you may be attracting more garbage energy than you realize. Clearing will elevate your immediate surrounding space so that you can feel and think more clearly-allowing through the more beautiful and meaningful resonances to shine. (Clearing also includes clearing yourself.)

There are three ways I use to clear. Sometimes I use them altogether or one by itself depending on the situation. The first is using your own intent, the second is smudging with incense and the third is applying sound.

When you use intent for clearing you are using yourself as a tool. In clearing with yourself, understand that you have two energy bodies-your physical body and your energy body. These two bodies are infused and interlaced through one another, affecting one another. All energies you carry in your energy body, eventually manifest themselves through your physical body. (This is why all disease is a result of repeated energetic patterns manifesting themselves out through the body). So, when you clear with intent, understand you are clearing your own energetic field, as well as the field around you.

To clear with intent, I always call on help from my guides. I picture myself and the space surrounding me becoming a clear zone, free of static, impediments, toxins, and low frequency energies, letting it all flow out. It's about letting the garbage go and clear clarity flow in: I imagine clarity. I imagine clear mountain streams flowing. I imagine pure white loving light flowing through and out of me. I imagine pure, clean, clearness. I think: "CLEAR!"

Burning incense is also another way to help clear a space of unwanted energies. My favorites to use are sage and/or dragon's blood. If you use incense, also accompany it with intent for clearing a space and ask for help from your guides in its use and clearing. Be sure to use the highest quality incense possible. Who and how the incense is manufactured makes a difference in your success of its use. Incense has its own resonance, and if the incense is unclear, it will attract those energies.

My favorite tool for clearing is sound. It's quick, its effective, and its clean. Since everything resonates, it makes sense to use sound to clear. I like using a tuning fork with quartz crystal that comes in at a high frequency. I also like using Tibetan singing bowls, as they both clear and then balance energies-especially the chakras (human internal energy centers.)

The Space: After using all of the previous steps, by now you should begin to be able to feel natural spherical space surround you. As you practice these steps, it will become more defined and clearer to you. With the spherical space more defined around you, it's easier to picture yourself inside it's bubble. Picture yourself in a bubble of white light and ask your guides (once you have cleared) to seal your space with white light (the Christ consciousness). Also ask them only to allow the energies through that serve your Highest Good.

Congratulations, you are on the road and practice to consciously creating your sacred space-the creative space of the six directions: up, down, north, south, east and west. You can do this anytime, anywhere. Though this all seems long and involved, after some practice, you will find it takes only a matter of minutes. I also like to use this technique when I am traveling in my vehicle. I believe it helps shield me and my vehicle from potential accidents.

Wording: It's important that each time, at the beginning of creating sacred space, you call on your Highest Spirit Guides, Highest Angels, Highest Entities and/or God (or whomever/whatever you believe is the highest life source) to help you, guide you, protect you, watch over you, bless you and love you. I also like to ask that they bless the space and seal it on the north, south, east, west, the ceiling (sky) above and the floor (Earth) below. They cannot help you unless you ASK!

Then, go through the steps, give gratitudes for the things you are grateful for in life. And make sure you close. I like to use: "In the name of the Father, Son, Holy Spirit, Brother Buddha, Mother Earth (etc, etc-you can make it your own), Amen."

Power Pieces: Spirit speaks to us all the time through the energy in physical symbols and items. Become aware of the physical items you own and how they affect/resonate in your sacred space. You may find that you have energetically outgrown items in your life and they actually impede your space with negative and bad energy. Have the courage to let go of them, and then watch how items with higher resonances begin to flow in. Become conscious of placing items of great meaning into your sacred space and experience how they resonate with you and the space around you.

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