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by James K. Hacker

I have written the contents of this book over many decades and I read through it frequently and I am always amazed at what I have written. I cannot believe,that these came from me. The latest Epistle, Reincarnation, has given me the answer to the above riddle. My writings were inspired from Others, who are reincarnating within me. I sincerely believe this to be true, as I sincerely believe that, what I have written, concerning Reincarnation, is true.

Now, I have the answer to another puzzle, which is Why? I have frequently wondered, why am I doing this? What are they for? There is no one whom I would want to read them. There is no one who would understand much of what I have said and there are very few who would believe anything that I have said. There is no one whom I would want to read this but I have to write it out to clarify my thinking and make it a permanent part of my understanding

The answer is, that now that I have written them, they have become a part of me. A permanent part of my spiritual Mind which I can pass on to Others, who are Visiting with me. Permanent understanding , that I can take with me into the Spiritual world and pass on to those with whom I will be reincarnating from there.

I have asked myself, since there are many evil people in this world, indeed, all of us are evil to some degree, is not this evil passed on to Others who are with us? And I believe that the answer is, that the Others are chosen, to combat evil and bring restoration to them, not to absorb from them. After all, reincarnation is guided from Above.

I have frequently worried about the insane and the demented and wondered why they are destined to live out useless lives but I have been given the thought that there are no useless lives. Everyone has something to Give to Others and though they may mentally incapacitated, their spirits are alive and well and it is with our spirits that we have communication with the Outside.

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