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Queen Mother

by Alan Hefner

This article is included within the Mystical Enchantments section because it is partially fiction remembered from a website that featured ancient writings. The website seems to no longer exist. If any one reading this remembers the site or story, please notify this author. (mystica@themystica.org)

She was called Queen Mother not only out of respect but because she loved her people. Her lands were ancient but not large and were worked by many poor people who were servants of overseers. Some overseers were of nobility while others were not. Whether noble or not the one thing the Queen Mother demanded was kindness toward the people.

Her husband, the king, taught her this; loyalty of people was his greatest possession. This did not prohibit sternness but it prohibited cruelty. The king was very loving of his queen, giving her a son who became a young man, the prince, before his father died.

The queen loved her husband very much. After his death she assumed full responsibility of ruling the kingdom. This responsibility weighed heavy on her along with the lost of her husband. Her son, the prince, assumed some of his father's duties and helped her.

In ancient times there were ancient rules. Mothers saw their sons grow up, grow into manhood, frequently helping them. It was not surprising that the queen welcomed her son into her bed which continued after his father's death. To her it was a beautiful and natural thing since they both loved each other.

The queen also had favorite handmaidens that laid with her. On this night a handmaiden returned from an engagement and requested to see the Queen Mother. Even though the hour was late the queen permitted her into her private chambers.

When entering the handmaiden saw that the queen had retired, but the queen beckoned her to come forward to her bed.

"Wasn't your evening pleasant?" the queen inquired.

"No, Queen Mother, He was not satisfying at all," the handmaiden hesitated, "and I just felt the need to be with you."

"Come here, dear child," the queen said rising up in her bed. As she rolled back the bedclothes exposing her thin gown she said, "Remove your clothes, my dear, and get in bed with me."

The handmaiden did as the queen instructed. She took off her gown and got into the queen's bed. Quickly they covered themselves. The queen kissed the young woman who was one of her favorite maidens and held her tight.

"Most men do not know how to satisfy the lady," the queen stated. "They are too busy satisfying themselves."

"That was him tonight," the young woman answered. "Anyone would do," she further explained lying close to the queen.

"Yes, that is too often how it is with young men," the queen sighed. "But I thought you needed the experience, and you sort of liked him," the queen said kissing the young woman again. She slid one hand to the woman's breasts to begin comforting her. "That is what I am trying to teach my son, how to please a woman."

Suddenly the handmaiden pulled away a little. "What is it?" the queen quickly asked.

"They say what you and the prince do is not right. It is very bad," the young woman said hesitantly and a bit afraid.

"Who says this?" the queen abruptly questioned.

"Not your people, Queen Mother," the young woman quickly told her becoming more frightened.

The queen quickly sensed the woman's fear and said, "You do not have to be afraid, dear. But how can they say such things about something so beautiful? I must know who are saying these things about me and my son."

"As I told you, Queen Mother, these are not your people. We love you," the handmaiden told her." they are foreign people, called Christians."

"Yes, yes, I've heard of them."

"People say the have strange ways."

"Yes, they do. They come from the Yahweh people," the queen trailed off in thought. The few Jews her husband previously met were unfriendly and caused trouble.

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