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Opening the Teenage Broom Closet

by Willow tempest

I am a 13 year old. Sure to some I am young and innocent but I have been in the craft for 2 almost 3 years. I know this is not long but I love it I love being part of the craft. Not all kids my age or in my age group are fond of my beliefs. The debate simply is how do u go and practice this with out others consent? This is my story so far.

My mom looked at me with a sheer glow of happiness that I found my calling. When I told her she just told me to read. I was surprised my mother's family was from a long line of Roman Catholics. I was quite lucky but to this day my father does not know. We have never been close My father and mother broke up quite nastily. His family is southern Christians. The ones who sing in church praising Jesus shouting "praise the lord''. If I told him I'd probably get an exorcism. My mother side was shocked of course but they were ok with it. They used stereotypes basically my cousin is jealous because now she thinks I am like Jason Lees character of the crow um not. I am the kid who listens to linkin park as she reads Mick Foley's biography not a kick ass crime fighter.

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