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no. 1: A New Belief

by b.e. rise

All the sinners are testifyin' hard on
down at the hallelujah house
Flakin' their fins
and shakin' their skins,
rollin' down a tortured road

The creeks are swollen and swift
with lullaby drops and galaxies,
their orange fervor channeled
south of the past

Heed what I have seen
as you scatter diamonds in the forest of the night
take these shards of icy bitterness
telegraphed from the heart
and see the world is torn apart -
Electric from my secret eye.

I can hopewell in the race
along an earthly track
within the confines and junctions
of binding conveinience and ease,
my Ka orphaned and weary,
a wasted island
beneath the thunder machines

I can lie before the North Gate
and strip my body for the queen of planets
her red sheen pinned to the ceiling
of my skull,
tumbling in the low sky

I poured my sorrow into the thin night air
and saw it born on aluren wings
of sheerest autumn
spun from the unimaginable dreams of the blind,
tripping across the coil of Creation

I tried, oh yes, I tried
to hold the stars to ground
with iron bolts of desperation
and I saw myself fallen apart and alone,
accused and accusing,
lured to the hall of mirages
by the promise of gold,
alll the while entangled by the lines of rage

But brethren, once free of my dimensions,
I am carried on the currents of Heaven's blast
through the haze of civilisation
I defy all resistance
from a world set against me
and build my church within
among the ghost trees
and strangers
who dare use their clown mouths
to talk to



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