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My theory of deja vu

by Ted Irving*
of www.tedtv.com

There are an infinite amount of parallel worlds. When you have a deja vu experience you are actually experiencing an event or action of one of your alternate self's in another reality. Sometimes, our planes of existence can cross or merge briefly. In another reality, you are walking to the store on the left side of the street. In this reality, you could be walking to the store on the right side of the street. Each of our alternate personas is connected. To trigger more deja vu events, have meatless days and eat nothing but fruit and vegetables. That is the fleshy fruit or food of the Gods that Adam and Eve ate in Genesis. There is much power in veggies and fruit and they bring out our heightened senses. I have more incidence of deja vu when eating those. Of course, all of this is hard to prove. Our species doesn't possess any technology that can prove the existence of alternate realities or planes of existence, so this is just my theory.

*June 2006 Japan Fulbright Memorial Fund Fellow
Hightower High School Electronic Media Academy Coordinator
Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc.- Xi Kappa lambda Chapter
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