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My Path


(Editor's note:The following came by email which to me says much about this site and the work. I wished to share it with others. Thank you.)

I have believed for years that the only true religon; ia your own personal interaction with the divine. Here I must add that I see a difference between religon and spirituality. Religon, while valid, gives your path to others while spirituality allows you to find the wisdom to find the truth in every religon and find your way on your own. Well, by your own drive, not by the words of others. GODESS/GOD helps those who help themselves. After all, ones’ religious or spiritual belief is the window dressing of their soul. I find so much bias in my studies. At this time, (when I was losing my way, I found this site that seems to embrace all. I will study this site and hope it has the soul connection I need as a solitary soul on the path.

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