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Lost Atlantis

I have an hour long show on my theories of Atlantis as connected to Maya myth and the 2012 End Date. It will be called "Lost Atlantis" and will be an episode of Investigating History. Producer Sharon Barrett describes it in some detail (below). It will air March 7 at 11pm ET/PT, 10pm CT, 9pm MT.


George Erikson
[email protected].

I am introducing myself to you via this email. I am a producer for Bill Kurtis Productions. We are currently producing the series, Investigating History which airs on the History Channel every week.

The premise behind the series is to look at events, evidence or information that may change the way we look at History. We've done documentaries on the Knights Templar, Abraham Lincoln, the Civil War, Napoleon, D-Day and JFK.

For the current season we decided to do a documentary on Atlantis, focusing much of the documentary on anthropologist and author, George Erikson. Four months of research on the topic of Atlantis led us to Mr. Erikson¹s book, Atlantis in America: Navigators of the Ancient World the most compelling evidence of the existence of Atlantis we¹d found.

We met Mr. Erikson in the Yucatan Peninsula where he took us for a tour of the Mayan ruins to show us what he¹d found. It was a wonderful shoot. I' ve done many on camera interviews in my 20 years producing documentaries. George was an articulate and compelling subject. He was not only the star, he was the entire cast in the Yucatan.

Mr. Erikson and his book will be prominent in this episode of Investigating History.

I don¹t know how much you know about Bill Kurtis Productions. Briefly, our company has produced several series for A&E, the History Channel and PBS including Cold Case Files, Investigative Reports and American Justice.

Our science and nature series, The New Explorers earned television¹s most prestigious award, the Peabody. Our documentaries have been shown around the world. And we¹ve had the proud distinction of being associated with an educational outreach program that helps inner city school children learn and appreciate science. Other awards we¹ve won include: The Emmy, the Chris Award, the Thurgood Marshall Award, the Peter Lisagor Award, the Banff, Award the Telly award and the Genesis Award

Emmy-award winning cinematographer, Gregg Hoerdemann filmed this episode for Investigating History.


Sharon Barrett
Kurtis Productions
400 W. Erie, Suite 500
Chicago, Illinois 60610

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