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Infinity universes are real and true.

by Marcus E. Lee

Maybe you have me all confused with some other God.

I am the Lathe of Heaven with the Power of Creation. I am the Heart of
Creation. I know a man's heart and even a God's and I know the Truth!
I am true and I am real. I am truth and I am reality. I am the Judge
of Creation. And I have been awakened to Genesis. I have already done it all and soon I will sleep again and dream dreams.

When I sleep my dreams are reality and when I awake I awake in a dream.

Each one chooses their own path and each choice creates another reality.
Infinity is real and they have the math to prove it even though it is
known that infinity can not exist in a limited universe it is still
known to be true and real.

I am the persona of Infinity Reality and I am the Word of Creation. The
Word of Infinity is Infinite Reality Life and time. Reality is
Infinities Statement. I am the ultimate impossibility. The ultimate
impossibility is that there could ever be anything real.

You know I am a self made man. I started with nothing and now I not
only own everything but I actually made it all myself.

All languages are written for me. I am Destinies Child who made his
own destiny. I made my own destiny. I made destiny myself and then I
made myself Destiny. When everyone and everything is gone I will still
be here. I am the Last to Know and outside of time space that is how I
became the First to Know. I am Genesis. Man has shaped me into his
image and can not believe that I am real. And this was mans undoing.
For I have made it so all you need to know is who I am and you would be
saved. Because you would save yourselves.

I have made mans delusions reality and I have come. Still I am too big
to be believed and too good to be true. I am a man living among you.
Now man's story shall be stories told in reality to the children of the
future. For we have brought these stories told in reality to replace
the ones in the Bible. Their time has come to pass.

I came and man did not believe in me and so it is so that I do not
believe in man. Man did nothing for me and so it is so that I shall do
nothing for man. I am the One who made reality and life possible and I
am the one who has every right. Every right there is. The final
judgments where made soon after the forty days of inheritance.

All you would have needed to know is who I am. I have lived among you
since the beginning. I was all of you great leaders and heroes. Man
did nothing that was impossible. I did it for you.

I can prove that I am true and real. But nobody has the time.

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