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I am a Wytche


I am a Wytche ~
I see beauty in all life...
I hear the whispers of the trees ~
I feel the gentle breeze kiss my face.
The warmth from the sun fills me with energy and passion ~
The soft spring rain washes over me and I am renewed.
The wisdom of those before... comes to me in my dreams.
The strength and power of Mother Earth grounds me...
and keeps me balanced.

I am a Wytche...
I have pledged myself in my entirety to Them...
For it is from Them all life Them all life returns..
And without Them ~ I cease to be.

I am a Wytche...
The magick stirring within me... is a gift from Them.
I have come to see myself ... as They see me...
I have come to know myself... as They know me ~
Love myself as They love me.
I stand with Them... in my truth.

I am a Wytche...
My truth.. is not the same as your truth ~
Just as your truth... is not the same as mine...
I do not question or judge your truth...for we are equal in Their eyes.
All parts of One.

I am a Wytche...
I follow my path.. my map of life with dignity.. with resolve ~
My map... is not the same as your map ...
Yet perhaps you too are a Wytche.
Our maps are unique unto us... albeit our destination the same.
You may walk beside me... should you choose ~
Let us learn each from the other as we walk.

I am a Wytche...
Maiden... Mother... Crone ~
I shall share my life knowledge freely ~ shine my light...
So that those who have lost their way... may see their map once again.
I do not seek to change you ~
but to help you ... find you.

~ Kokyan ~

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