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Hercolubus or Red Planet, written by V.M. Rabolú, is a book which anticipates us the more imminent forthcoming events.


Due to the interest aroused among its readers all over the world, Hercolubus or Red Planet has already been translated into many languages and distributed in more than 40 countries.


In this small book the author expresses, with amazing clearness, several important current issues, from the polemic nuclear tests in the ocean and their dreadful future effects, to the always highly controversial question about the existence of conscious beings in other planets of the universe.


In the same way he confirms us, with a direct and revealing style, the existence of a huge heavenly body, six times bigger than Jupiter, called Hercolubus or Red Planet, which approaches the earth in a silent but alarming way. In his work the author explains, not only the consequences such heavenly body will bring us, but also the real origin of the climate changes and the big geological activity which has been happening at the bottom of the oceans.


In this book V.M. Rabolú teaches us, basing himself on his direct and conscious experience, methods to eliminate our psychological defects and techniques for the astral projection, considering them as the only way of getting away from the cataclysm that is coming near.


Hercolubus or Red Planet is written, above all, with a big proportion of sensibility and love to the mankind, having already been praised and recognized by many of its readers as a work which casts light on the present uncertainty our planet is going through on the international level.





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