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Forbidden Knowledge Conference Update

by Philip Gardiner's


July 1st 2006, Kings Hall, Stoke on Trent, 9.30am to midnight

News on Philip Gardiner

Philip has just signed a four book deal with New Page books in the USA, who will also be publishing the new Gnosis: The Secret of Solomon's Temple Revealed in September while Philip is at the Signs of Destiny conference in Arizona.


A new portal into the world of Philip Gardiner has now been set free, www.gardinersworld.com has been launched to collate together all the different sites so that people can access articles, guest articles, pictures, music and even the latest podcast done in conjunction with the Book of Thoth website.


Philip will be filming this coming weekend in Rosslyn for a forthcoming Freemason documentary that will appear world-wide later this year.


Philip will also be producing and directing his own series of dvd's. The first one will be called Secrets of the Serpent. To register for more details on this as an when it is released please email info@philipgardiner.net with ref: DVDSS


Quest magazine (www.questmagazine.com) are running articles by Philip and news on the conference. We hope to be doing more with Quest and Book of Thoth (www.book-of-thoth.com) in the near future.


Band Booked for the Conference Entertainment.

Amrun Kalina, Morning Light in English and Elven, with vocals, Julie Roberts, Penny Whistle, keyboards and arrangement, Steve Mitchell and Guitar: Mike Stone, will be playing for us on the night. For a sample of their music click here http://www.freewebs.com/grailhunters/fkcuk.htm


Live Radio

Ross Hemsworth of Net Talk UK - Talk Radio, will be coming along on the day to cover the conference live. Tune in now at www.nettalkradio.co.uk



A dvd will be made of the event. If you want to register to buy the dvd after the event please email infor@philipgardiner.net and put ref: DVDFKCUK somewhere on your email.


Tickets Selling Fast

Tickets for the conference are going fast so please place orders as soon as possible to avoid disappointment. A small quantity are being held back for on the day sales though.



We now have loads of stalls coming on the day. From witchcraft and pagan stalls to crystal skulls, crafts, new age and book stalls. All the speakers will have their own table too so you can meet them, get your books signed and ask questions.



The food for the event has been booked and will be available to the first 200 who pay the extra 5 and wish to stay behind for the party and entertainment.


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