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fruits from knowledge tree as intuition

by Dragan Mirkov

let's resume

if look into past means mother womb, sparkle of consciousness in ape,
differentiation from water life

(so far)

look into future is related to time bombs and
understanding that analytical thinking gives future as simple factal

look back and look forward give us control over this time(space

growing fifth was blurry and related to revelation in sixth that there
must be some target

time as quality of feeling gives us key to parallel worlds (fifth)
each feeling is life in different reality, different dominant colors,
notes (archetypes, think about !)

switching from one to other may bring us to extreme like sixth and
like hate and love, like death or life

to be caught in one is deepest danger of such meditation trip
(stories about not looking in faces of gods,
for increased intellectual setting might not have control over
emotional set,
caused by open door of perception in hyper-reality)

(or why the least i need is ultimate love, modestly for start)

(and importance of ultimate extremes in love [as purest compassion
and passion] in my experience)

almost whole earth can be caught in negative extreme in nazi

so 7th should be opposite pole of magnet

... at this stage of human consciousness evolution, parallel worlds
concept will be taken out of
consideration ...

... course future takes is simple fractal of individuals' expectations
... and as it is, depends on human race
... however energy level on macro plane will be increased through:

level when wishes become dominant tendencies
creating awareness of future direction
towards end of the era:

explosion in hypersensitivity will establish perceptiveness as
consciousness, bi-directional openmindedness in literal
everyone thoughts and memories will be revealed to everyone
emotional immaturity will face difficulties dealing with new
reality causing
epidemics of madness and collapse of all existing collective
values IF
(final judgment day coming in all prophecies, will happen without direct
involvement of higher energies)

we, human race do not start preparing for this moment
correcting such possible fatal course of future

the only ease in knowing someone's secrets
would be fact that knowing WHY will be also present
and only judgment based on understanding might be equal forgiving

and understanding as rational process will be very hard to achieve
overwhelmed by emotions of fear,
righteous and non-compassion
(parallel can be drawn to shaman trips, where safe journey is made only
having on mind concept of
imagination as concretization of emotions,
only emptiness of any thoughts will keep humankind on Taoist Way to
resurrection in Christian terms will come only through Gnostic
understanding of Buddhist's compassion
involving higher energies into game will create need for antic heroes
only postquantum philosophy based on alchemy will help us sail through
storm of moment when Jungian
collective subconsciousness will fully enter consciousness removing
boundaries between consensus-
reality- as-we-know-it and realm of magic)

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