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by Blanche McLanahan

There you were like a fairy in the night, or the mirage on the highway in the heat of the day.

And they said you had died like a flower in winter or a grape withering on the vine in heat of the sun's rays.

Yet here I am seeing you in lack of density and mass, Waving undulations of memory I fail to outcast.

Then as I reach to come near, you just seem further away, smiling through those green eyes as if it were only yesterday.

Though intense are your fine vibrations I fail to hear, for they are useless in this realm and bypass the ear.

And as I speak the words echo through you as if you are a chamber of light that draws past the sound barrier.

I fail the words as they have no tongue, yet the understanding from this new frequency is clear.

I watch the verbal shadows and refractions as the light of which you are bends, unfolding to endear.

Now as you sail atop the trees, mobile and reluctant to come near, the facade we hide behind now becomes clear.

And I realize it is the life force you and I shared so long ago. For it is the love we found in silence of our bond.

And I know as you dissipate into thin air it will be in dreams of sleep I can touch you and caress your hair............

You are a fairy, you are a mirage, you are memory of my beloved and the one I dream of.

So, they said life's journey and final destination is in death. Then why is it since you passed on I can still hold you near and feel your breath?

It is not undying the eternity we shared, nor the divine love life's memory has spared.

'Tis not in death we should part. For it is herein one does not die and the future is derived from the love you left right here in our hearts.

Your wife.

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