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Easter thoughts

by Alan Hefner

As a young man I was a science fiction fan and portions of two stories stayed with me even though the stories were not connected. The first tale as I recall concerned a sociologist going to a space colony which had relapsed into the final stages of civilization resorting to cannibalism.

The reason why this stayed within my memory was that when reading it I thought of my Catholic upbringing. The Mass may be thought of as the reenactment of the last supper when Christ took bread, blessed and broke changing it into his body. He then told his disciples to eat it, his body. Then he took wine and gave thanks saying it was his blood that would be shed for the sins of generations of men. He told the disciples to drink all of it. The disciples were told to eat his body and drink his blood, cannibalistic acts; some will say sacrificial but cannibalistic nonetheless. Christ also said whenever you do this remember me. This meant the act was to be repeated and is thousands of times daily in Catholic Churches.

The second story involved an adolescent boy and girl who lived in a coastal community and were known for their clairvoyant ability. It seemed they had previously helped officials. Now the community faced another threat and they were again called upon. If my memory serves me right it seem like some enemy submarine threat since this was in the cold war period. They stayed with his mother during their clairvoyant activity. Being a true sci-fi story they were described as having low sexual desire but went without clothes to increase their clairvoyance. At the conclusion the teenagers successfully located the threat.

I do not remember if the sociologist saved the colony. To me perhaps there is a message in my forgetting because many are not certain that Christ saved people as he spoke of spiritual salvation. In Christian doctrine his task certainly is not physical salvation because it is believed that God will destroy the world. And knowing the world has been on the brink of nuclear disaster this is not hard to imagine.

Many will argue that I cannot compare science fiction to Christianity while others would agree with my concept. My response is you teach the parables - stories - of Jesus and the whole New Testament is second hand knowledge, written years after Christ supposedly died. It is debatable the world is better of from it.

Science fiction tells new parables, like the old parables some have good endings and some have bad. Some tell of wonderful things like clairvoyance an ability which some people seem to possess. Others claim everyone has the ability but has to learn how to exercise it. Clairvoyance and similar abilities could help change this world, yes, end it too, but are not they worth a try? Should we continue in a belief that to many has failed for some two thousand years? Is our real quest for a heavenly panacea or a healthy, peaceful, and thriving world?

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