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-mystical leo

Our planet is composed of three perpendicular dimensions which overlap with one another at a given point of time and place. The first dimension is the dimension of plants and animals. The second dimension is the human dimension where we human beings occupy. The third dimension is the dimension of the invisible and preternatural beings which occupy almost every facet of this complex planet. This third dimension overlaps in the sea, in the clouds and everywhere! Giants occupy the clouds. They look like Caucasians with long body hair. This gives us an incite that the fairy tale Jack and the Beanstalk is really true. There have been numerous accounts of sightings and I, for one, have seen them too. Merpeople occupy the seas and the ocean. Dwarfs of diferrent sizes, fairies, elves, etc., dwell in the land. These beings are elemental.They govern the supernatural side of the earth, water, air and fire. They do not have a fear of God because they themselves transform into human beings and even go to church, yet they walk out during the consecration of the Bread and Wine! They also fear the five mystical Words: 1.) Miserere misapikises nospornobis AMEN JESUS. 2.) Bergum carum factum sequetorum egusum egusom, AMEN JESUS. 3.) The prayer of the Consecration 4.) Prayer to the Holy Mother and 5.) Gloria Patri.

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