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by Brendalyn


I rarely search for companions that understand my unearthly ways, but I do know
that you are out there, and that I alone do not possess the only key to the "other world".
As a child I spent many hours alone (by choice) often on the quiet river bank, surrounded
by the pleasant smells of freshly cut fields and the odor of horses that grazed in the
neighbouring yards. Physically there were no others, but spiritually I shared the comfort of
knowing others were with me, enjoying the warmth of our sun, and the beauty of our world
without the chatter of human words.

As a teenager my life was rudely interupted by what humans call premonitions. Accidents
yet to happen, departure by death of earthly friends. The unpleasantness helped me push
my thoughts into silence and pretend that the warnings had never happened. (The hardest
part of being a teenager is not fitting in! )

Marriage didn't seem to dissolve my apparent handicap, and I felt ashamed and embarrassed
the evening I picked up the telephone and dialled 911 requesting an ambulance prior to the
crash at the corner intersection of the street that we lived. Somehow I had played out the scene
of the accident before it happened...and even had felt upset over the arguement between the
young couple involved in the tragedy, although I had no control over their lives, nor could I stop
the accident that was seconds from happening!

Between raising children and working a demanding job I thought I had managed to shake
my little "extra" senses off, and in fact, I guess to a certain degree that is exactly what I did.
Now I'm no longer in such a demanding position, and my children have grown to young adults...
and guess what.. It's back!

Delving into the why's and what's is not exactly something I cherish and I'd much prefer to just
find someone else the same as me that is willing to share some of their experiences. My last
jolting experience was when I had two woman standing at my counter, and beside one of them
I saw an image...an image of a mother. The image gently touched the plant sitting on the
counter and I was relayed the message of mother..I'm fine...and speak to my daughter and tell
her what you have heard. In order to relay the message I knew that I was to use the word
flowers, as the word flowers would hold a special meaning to the woman standing at the counter.
Of course I had absolutely no idea how to speak to the woman about "her message" without
appearing to be totally crazy. She left without me saying a word. Later in the day the same lady
drove back into the parking lot and I knew I was been given a second opportunity. Feeling rather uncomfortable I made my way out of the office to the parking lot, and approached the woman wondering how in the world I was to pass on the message. I started my explaining that I had no idea how she would feel about what I was about to tell her...but felt I had better clarify the status of her mother before I made a total fool of myself. I gently explained that I had felt an unusual feeling, and if it was appropriate to ask, would she please tell me if her mother had recently passed on. She looked at me a little bit bewildered, and answered that it had been slightly over a year since her mother had died. Then appologizing for infringing in her private life, I explained as carefully as possible my experience of seeing her mother standing beside her as she stood at my counter. I then added the question of flowers..advising the woman that I had been told that the word flowers would clarify the identification of the visitor. It was a little bit frightening, as the reply took a little while in coming. First her eyes started to water, and I immediately had that guilt feeling like I had just hurt someone without meaning to. Then she took a deep breath and said Thank you. Her eyes never left me as she gently explained that prior to her mother's passing that they had each taken turns exchanging flowers once a week. One week the mother bought fresh flowers for the daughter and the next week the daughter would take flowers to her mother. They had been doing this for a number of years. When the mother passed on, the daughter had continued to purchase fresh cut flowers but rather than every second week...she had taken her mother's turn, and had bought them each and every week since her death.

The daughter had no doubt that her Mom had send a message through me to let her know that she was still with her. Maybe not in her physical state, but most definately in her spiritual form.
Now, although I still feel a little bit hesitant to discuss all of my stories, I'm certainly curious to hear from others that have the gift of talking to the spirit world. I'm a much better listener than writer!

Eternal Love and Peace,
Contact me through safaribeach@img.net

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