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Mr. Jimmo's Blog: The New "Alphabets Code"


Roger Jimmo Page


Mr. Jimmo is a Designer in the fields of Architectural Drafting, Mechanical Drafting, Mechanics, Carpentry, Mathematics, and Electricity. Once you begin to understand the purposes, the knowledge and abilities of each field, you will begin to learn that these fields together, you can build and design anything.


This is all about how I discovered a new code hidden within the alphabet system, and that I believe nobdy, "and I mean nodody", knows about the truth behind it's existence. But that is all about to change.


A Very Interesting So Called Coincidence
Circumference and 44 & Pi
Crop Circle of Pi
666, DNA, and Pi
666 and Its Connection to the Pyramids
Connection to the Mayans & Me
The 365 Day Gematria Calendar
Valuable Numbers

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