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Awards page

Name: Spirit And Sky Top Site Award 2004

Date: February 4, 2004

Awarded by: Spiritual Directories http://www.spiritandsky.com

Criteria: On-topic and informative for the category it is in

Name: Reality Shifting Award of Excellence.

Date: September 20, 2003

Awarded by: http://realityshifters.com/

Criteria: Your Mystica web site demonstrates excellence in content and design, while being informative and unique, and helping people shift their reality in a positive direction.

Recognition: Selected as an approved site for an educational Internet service called WebPathExpress. This exciting service, developed by the Follett Software Company, helps students find online resources for homework assignments, reports and other areas of research. http://www.fsc.follett.com/products/webpathexpress

Date: February 26, 2002

Criteria: In an effort to point students to the best resources on the Internet, we have selected
http://www.themystica.com as one that provides excellent educational value.

Name: Star of Wisdom Award

Date: March 2, 2001

Awarded by: Astral Hearts at http://astralhearts.com

Criteria: The Star of Wisdom is given to websites which promote spiritual wisdom on the Internet in all areas of spiritual and personal growth. Presentation of content, and graphic design are also considered in selecting from nominees presented by individuals and Astral Hearts staff members.

Recognition:We are glad to announce that the page with this URL:
has been included in Länkskafferiet (the Link Larder) [http://lankskafferiet.skolverket.se/]. The Link Larder is a database for educational use which consists of subject structured and quality
assessed Internet information resources chosen for Swedish pupils, especially those between 10 and 15 years of age.

The Link Larder is a part of the Swedish Schoolnet http://www.skolverket.se/skolnet/english/index.html] and was comissioned by and has continuing support from the National Agency for Education.

Date: December 11, 2000

Recognition: Submission to Academic Resources Channel

Date: August 5, 2000

Criteria: In recognition of your remarkable network achievements, the information
about your online work has been published in selected issues of the RSCI
Journals Collection.

Name: Britannica Internet Guide Award

Date: February 1, 2000

Awarded by: Britannica.com

Criteria: Editors selected site as one of the best on the Internet for quality, accuracy of content, presentation and usability.


Date: December 14, 1999

& MANJUSHRI-MANDALA (Established 1975)

Criteria: - For your kindness of awarding our page, giving us a banner-link or
some other web-kindness or just because we like your outstanding site
we reward you with the unique ***"IAS & MANJUSHRI MANDALA KINDNESS
REWARD 1999"***. This is not an award one can apply for. May this
Tibetan dragon-king (drug dru) grant you even more wisdom, energy,
success, health, prosperity and esp. a long life. -

Name: Recommended Site for February '99

Awarded by: Aternate Realities in Art and Thought

Criteria: Granted for providing an extraordinary service to the Esoteric/Occult/Magickal communities on the web.

Awarded by: newhoo.com, A Search Engine

Date: September 07, 1998

Area: Reference, Encyclopedia: Subject-Encyclopedias: Paranormal

Awarded by: Eye On the Web

Date: May 07, 1998

Area: Religion & Philosophy: New Age/Paganism sub-category

Criteria: Based on content, usability, graphics and overall design.

Awarded by: AvatarSearch--SearchEngine of the Occult Internet

Date: March 10, 1998

Criteria: The Mystic Site of the Web Award exists exclusively for the benefit of the Mystical and Occult Communities on the Internet. Its sole purpose is to provide a means of recognition for a Web Site's Achievement and service to the community.

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