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Mystical Enchantments

Within this section will be announcements, poems and other short works submitted by visitors.The works may include personal experiences, feelings and views as well as invocations and blessings.

(Disclaimer: All ideas and views expressed within the works are those of the authors and are not necessarily endorsed by the MYSTICA.)

The following works are presented:

A Tale, Most Strange
An open letter
And you think YOU’RE emotional...
Being a Supernatural Lightening Rod
Beliefs Related to Transcendentalism
Blogging...I Am Path to Cosmic Consciousness
Coming Out of the Broom Closet
Communication beyond the usual devices
Crop Circles Are Earth's DNA
Dracula is alive!
Dragon - Myth or Fact?
Easter thoughts
Fata Morgana
First Meeting
Focusing on the Human Virtural Universe
fruits from the knowledge tree as intuition
gardinersworld (Adv.)
God's protection in my times of trouble
Good and Evil
How to Have a Direct Experience of God
Hercolubus or Red Planet
I am a Wytche
In Remembrance With Courage
Infinity universes are real and true
Life, the Universe, and Everything
Misinterpretation of Monotheism
My Evil Eye Experience with Effective Solution
My So Very Called Life
My theory of deja vu
new age
no.1: A New Belief
no. 3 : Weary and Worn
no.4: A Great Wind
Ollie's Cane
Opening the Teenage Broom Closet
Out of Body Experience
Queen Mother
Real Human History Clouded
Sacred Space
Season of the Witch (Adv. Book, Game)
Seeker of Truth
Sit Ubu, sit
Snakes, Orchids and Novels
Soulular Travel
The Angel of Light
The Dawning Age of Omega Existences
The Difference between Spontaneous and Consciously Directed Astral Projection
The Doctor Is In
The Forgotten
The Journey
The Lady in my Dream
The Monster
The Knowing
The Problem with LIFE and why we should not fear Death

The Question, Be Answer
The Spectral Expanse of the Collective Mindscape
The Unspoken Battle Of The Soul
The Voidic Connection
The Vision
The Well of Souls
The World's Leadership
Thinking of Proposition 8
Time For Humanity to Choose Freedom
Time Teleportation
Transfixed by the Mirrored Image
Tranceformers: Shamans of the 21st Century (Adv)
Trudge On
Voodoo or Voodon't?
We shouldn't be here!
What Else is There?
When Gods walk the earth
Why Astral Projection?
Why there has to be a god

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