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Site History 13

August 13, 2000

Placed one new writing The Monster on line.

August 7, 2000

Placed one link Academic Resources Channel and nine articles on line: Bennett, J. G., Gurdjieff, G. I., Guru, Nicoll, Maurice, Ouspensky, P. D., Phantasmagoria, Sargonomy, Subud, and Subuh, Muhammed. There are presently 563 articles on line, plus 12 writings.

August 2, 2000

Placed two links Rational Philosophy of the Spiritual Quest, and Studio 925: The Sacred Phallus
on line.

July 11, 2000

Placed three articles on line: Anthroposophy, Members of Man, and Steiner, Rudolf.

June 19, 2000

Revised Shamanism plus placed five articles on line: Drawing Down the Moon, Gossip, Ecstasy, Peak experiences, and Vision quests. There are presently 551 articles on line, plus 12 writings.

June 4, 2000

Placed one new link Your Planets plus four articles on line: Deja vu, Discovery of the Sequani Calendar, Materialization, and Mystical experiences.

May 21, 2000

Placd one new link The Enigmni plus two writings Dragon - Myth or Fact?, The World's Leadership, and three articles Black Mass, The, Holy Guardian Angel, Huysmans, Joris-Karl on line, and revised Mysticism. There are presently 542 articles on line, plus 12 writings.

May 6, 2000

Placed two new links on line: Mysticalteen.com and Paranormal Activity - The Motherboard.

April 28, 2000

Placed seven articles on line: Broken Specter, Del Rio, Martin Antoine, *Enochain Magic*, Fascination, Spittle, Sycomancy, Symbolism (Metaphysical), and Walburgisnacht. Attention! It has came to our attention that email addresses are being copied from website guest books without the owners' permission so that unsolicited email can be sent.

April 13, 2000

Placed one link Megalith Dreams on line, revised Book of Shadows and Gyromancy, plus added eleven new articles: Banshee, Dark Night of the Soul, Day of Yahweh, Death Coach, Debility, Hajoth Hakados, Hal, Ichthus, Illuminati, Individuality, and Inedia. There are presently 532 articles on line, plus 10 writings.

March 19, 2000

Placed seven articles on line: Anthropomorphic Personification, Epworth Poltergeist, Fairies, Familists, Faust, Poltergeist, and Some Common Precursors to Manifestation. There are presently 521 articles on line, plus 10 writings.

March 9, 2000

Placed two links on line britannica.com and The Catholic Encyclopedia.

March 3, 2000

Placed eleven articles on line: Castle of the Interior Man, Chams, Changeling, Doppelganger, Double, Draci, Egg, Orphean, Fylfot Cross, Fylgja, Moss folk, and Semitic Occultism.There are presently 514 articles on line, plus 10 writings.

February 9, 2000

Revised Hand of Glory, The and Pelagius plus placed a new link The Westgate and eight articles on line: Brimstone, Glas Chairm, Granny Wells, Graphology, HUNA, Pelagianism, SELECTED CROSS-CULTURAL & HISTORICAL PERSONIFICATIONS OF DEATH, and Trolls. There are presently 503 articles on line, plus 10 writings.

January 19, 2000

Separated the website’s Index into alphabetical pages to make it easier to use, plus placed six new articles on line: Ambrosia, Amen, Gris-gris, Laveau, Marie, Natron, and Theopoea. There are presently 495 articles on line, plus 10 writings.

December 29, 1999

Within the coming months there will be changes in the format and appearance of the website. The first change will be in the reference sources. Page numbers will gradually be added to as many of the sources as possible in order to make it easier for the viewers to research the material. The second change will be that more ISBN numbers will be included after the sources. These changes will occur gradually as they will require time to make. Along with the changes will be a steady flow of new articles and some revision of old ones. With this current addition of articles there has been an addition to the Horned God plus thirteen new articles placed on line: Bilocation, Cord, Silver, Corn Dolly, Cornucopia, Cosmogony, Cosmology, Darshan, Egrigor, Emanation, Neoplatonism, Thaumaturgy, Theurgy, and Thought-forms. There are presently 489 articles on line, plus 10 writings.

December 4, 1999

Placed eleven articles on line: Abaddon, Co-Masonry, Ectoplasm, Egyptian Masonic Rite, Eidolism, Ekagratwa, Nanshe, Oneiromancy, Pariah, Partridge in a Pear Tree, and Pastos. There are presently 476 articles on line, plus 10 writings.

November 28, 1999

Placed twelve articles on line: Abraham the Jew, Alomancy, Boehme, Jacob, Canon, The, Cargo Cults, Cloud of Unknowing, Eighth Sphere, Jains, Kiakra, Kobolds, Lethe, and Leviathan. There are presently 465 articles on line, plus 10 writings.

November 16, 1999

Placed ten articles on line: Bicoporeal, BIJA (VIJA), Birth and Death, Magna Dea, Magnates, Maharutti, Manu, Manvantara, Pralaya, and Sacred. There are presently 453 articles on line, plus 10 writings.

November 7, 1999

Placed on An open letter line plus five articles: Curses, Hex, Hex death, Hex signs, and Lilith.

October 25, 1999

Placed eleven articles on line: Bogey, Gospel of Saint John, The, Green Man, Mass, Mater, Matrikamantra, Maypole, Morris dance, Om, Toga, and Trevia. There are presently 438 articles on line, plus 9 writings.


October 14, 1999

Placed one new link Sphinx Magazine plus ten articles on line: Idea, Naamah, Nagas, Nave, Nehushtan, Occulta, Omophagia, Providence, Psyche, and Sacrifice. There are presently 427 articles on line, plus 9 writings.

October 1, 1999

Placed ten articles on line: Brass, Girdle measuring, Goblins, Horseshoe, Imp, Iron, Shakti, Shekina, Tantrism, and Witch's mark.There are presently 417 articles on line, plus 9 writings.

September 14, 1999

Corrected Mahatmas, and placed fifteen articles on line: Aura, Auric Healing, Cagliostro, Candle Magic, Chakras, Channeling, Color Healing, Gem Healing, Healing, Herbal Healing, Pranic Healing, Puppet Healing, Saint-Germain, Sympathetic Magic, and Witch's ladder. There are presently 407 articles on line, plus 9 writings.

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