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Site History 12

August 2001

New articles and link(s) on line: Baal Shem Tov, Baalism, Babism, Bahism, Hamon, Hasidim, Hasidism, Luria, Isaac, Moksha, Monad, Sufism. The Reincarnation of An Alchemist? (Link), Sophia Net (Link), Revised articles: Boehme, Jacob, Dark Night of the Soul, Levitation. New articles: Contemplation, Egregore, Envoutement, John of the Cross, St, Lignite, Loadstone, Mephis or Memphitis, Onyx, Ornithomancy, Teresa of Avila, St.. There are presently 791 articles on line, plus 16 writings.

July 2001

New articles and link(s) on line: Demonius, Diamond, Draconites, Emerald, Garnet, Jasper, Opal, Pearl, Sapphire, Turquoise, Reincarnation Site(Link), The Soul's Journey: Guidance from the Divine Within (Book link), Kelpie, The, Kinocetus, Kischuph, Limachie, Lord of the Flies, Lost Word of Kabbalism, Sirius Mystery, The, Spunkie, The, Squinting, Tephramancy, The Ordo Templi Orientis Phenomenon (Link), Spiral Nature (Link),  Kundalini Survival and Support (Link). There are presently 770 articles on line, plus 16 writings.

June 2001

New articles and link(s) on line:Lobyrinth--Fellowship of the Dragon (Link), Dynamic Groove Suite (Link), (Link), Theosophy (New Section), Absolute, Bodhisativa, Eide, Magical Names, Malphas, Nine, Notarikon, Nous, Numinous, Path, The, Sabbathi, Sanyojanas, Shaddai, Temurah, Christine Hurley- Clairvoyant Spiritual Medium (Link), Stones (New Section), Aetites or Aquilaeus, Agate, Alectorius, Amber, Amethyst, Anachitis, Belocolus, Beryl, Bezoar, Bloodstone, Caetomite, Carbuncle, Carnelian, Celonitis or Celontes, Ceplonidus, Ceraunius or Cerraclus, Chrisoletus, Chrysolite, Chrysoprase, Coral. There are presently 750 articles on line, plus 16 writings

May 2001

New articles and link(s) on line: Mysticweb (Link), Pilgrims Mind Body Spirit Link Directory (Link), When Gods walk the earth (Writing), Mysticism & Occultism Federation (Link), (Link), Young Living Essential Oils (Link), Alien Links (Link), The Fellowship of the Urban Hedge Witch (Link), Bathym, Belin, Albert, Belloc, Jeanne, Benjees, The, Beowulf, Berande, Demonocracy, Demonography, Demonology, Drummer of Tedworth, Earth laid upon a Corpse, Eblis or Haris, Eckartshausen, K. Von, Eel, Elf-fire, Elongation, Enchiridion of Pope Leo, The, Enoch, Enoch, Book of, Enoch, Book of, History, Equilibrium, Eromanty, Etheric Double, Etheric Vision, Fountain Spirits of Behmen, Friar Rush, Friends of God, Frizlar, Martin Von, Fumigation of Exorcism, Garnier, Giles, Gauher-Abad, Gehenna, Invisible playmates, Spence, Lewis, There are presently 715 articles on line, plus 16 writings.

April 2001

New articles and link(s) on line: Divine Name, The, Djemscheed, The Cup of, Druids, The- A Brief Cultural History, Head of Baphomet, Khaib, Khu, Leland, Charles Godfrey, Nichusch, Old Nick, Thanatology, Amy, Anamelech, Control, Coscinomancy, Critomancy, Crucifixion, Gnostic Conception of, Dactylomancy, Martian language, Smith, Helene There are presently 680 articles on line, plus 15 writings.

March 2001

New articles and link(s) on line: (Link), Essays by David Bersson (Link), Astral Hearts (Link), Evil Eye (Revised), Runes (Revised),NightMoon Pagan Network Link Directory
(Link), ESP Tester (Link) Communion, East, North, Numinosity, Skull, South, Summoner, Voice of the Wind, Warding, Wells, West, Astro Biological Coenergetics (Link), web site (Link), Aaron Ross AKA Dr. Yo Home Page (Link), The Electric Eclectic (Link), The Unspoken Battle Of The Soul (Writing) Kether, King's Evil, Seeing with the stomach, Speal Bone, Spirit Children, Teleplasm, Tephilin, Teraphim, Urim and Thummum, Veleda There are presently 661 articles on line, plus writings.

February 2001

New articles and link(s) on line: Crossroad, Darkness, Feminine Energy, Grain, Golden Bough, Hedge Witch, Herding Cats, Herms, Incubus, King of the Woods, Lake Nemi, Lares, Libation, Light, Light and Darkness, Masculine Energy, Self, Ancient Names, Succubus, Thought Forms: How to program and use There are presently 640 articles on line, plus 14 writings.

January 2001

New articles and link(s) on line: Blavatsky Archives (Link), Astragalomancy, Astral, Astral Body, Astral Light, Astral Projection, Astral Temple, Astral World, Avichi (Revised), Avidya, Flying, Group Mind, Guardian, Hag, Hag Stone, Triangle of Manifestation, IAMAI: A Journey into the Unseen (Link), Coming Out of the Broom Closet, Lady Badria's Magick Realm (Link), Occultopedia (Link). There are presently 621 articles on line, plus 14 writings.

December 2000

New articles and link(s) on line: Meet the I Ching, The I Ching and the Tao, Paranormal X (Link), Saulats Talismanic And Mystical World (Link), The Big Holistic (Link), Cauldron, Cauldron Mysteries, Fermentation Mysteries, Slain God, Transformation Mysteries, Wheel of the Year, Wicca, Wiccan Mythos, There are presently 607 articles on line, plus 13 writings.

November 29, 2000

Revised Druidism and placed new articles on line: AR NDRAfOCHT FEIN, Bonewits, P. E. I(ssac), Halloween, Inspiration, Intuition, and Samhain. There are presently 597 articles on line, plus 13 writings.

November 19, 2000

Added five new links: Conservancy Of The Phoenix, Inc., Site of Albertus Magnus--Albert the Great Mystical Art by Pauline Ross, Crypt Crawl Horror Search Engine, and Site of I Ching.

October 30, 2000

Placed eight new articles on line: Electronic voice phenomenon, Fly, Focus, Hegemon, Hendel, Max, Larazis, "Philip", and Phone calls from the dead. There are presently 592 articles on line, plus 13 writings.

October 12, 2000

Placed on line one link and an artivle: Mt. Shasta and Mt. Arunachala.

October 3, 2000

Placed link to the book THE PSYCHIC BATTLEFIELD, and twelve articles on line: Anathema, Anima, Ascetic, Asceticism, Elohim, Flagae, Flagellation, Iblis, Inner Light, Intelligence, Lapis Manalis, and Lemures. There are presently 583 articles on line, plus 13 writings.

September 21, 2000

Plced two new link on line, Sakara, and revised Idea.

August 28, 2000

Placed one new link THE PK MAN and eight articles on line: Bennett, Allan, Brunton, Paul, Kundalini, Latihan, Pessomancy (or Psephomancy), Pliny the Elder, Prana, and Saphy (or Grigris). There are presently 571 articles on line, plus 13 writings.

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