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(DISCLAMER: the MYSTICA does not endorse the services or products of the commercial sites listed below. They are listed for informational purposes of the visitors.)

Mouni Sadhu
An effort at preservation and precipitation

A Site which Asimilates Existence
Come Walk With A Shaman

Internet Sacred Text Archive
Largest Freely Available Archive

Gematrix--Gematria Calculator
Site of Various Language Calculators

Site to Share Ghost Stories, Videos, and Information

The Sacred Nubian Teachings - The Anunnaki
by Dr. MalachiYork ("The Nubian Prophet")

Beyond the Veil
A Site of Near Death Experiences
(Excellent Databases of Links for Assistance and Caregivers)

Science of Soulmates
A Site of Knowledge of Soulmates
Site of Asreal Travel and Yoga

Astral Project Now
The Paranormal Den (Free Download eBook)

West African Dahomean Vodoun
Site of Ancestral Traditions in Togo West Africa, America & The Diaspora

Gurdjieff Dominican Group
A Site of Gurdjieff Avtivities

Avesta -- Zoroastrian Archives
Site for Information on Zoroastrianism

Site of Insightful Reading
Blog: MySpace/delmarbrook

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