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Zohar by Moses de Leon

Moses de Leon of Granada, Spain (d. 1305) published this version of the Zohar, which is one of the two classics of Kabbalism. The work has profoundly influenced millions of Jews, numerous Christians, and a multitude of occultists. The work was titled Sepher Hazzohar (The Book of Brightness) that de Leon claimed to be written by Simon ben Jochai, but most authorities agree that the book is the creation of de Leon himself. The Zohar explicates the nature of God, the divine emanations of the Sephiroth, the creation of angels and men, and the esoteric message of the revealed law. Because the Zohar along with other major Kabbalistic writings affirms that its mystical-occult concepts were derived from the canonical Hebrew Scriptures, Christian theologians saw the Zohar as proving proof of the divinity of Christ and many other New Testament doctrines. Aside from this, the Zohar still continues to influence numerous occultists. (see Zohar) A.G.H.


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