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religious sect of Krudistan known as devil worshipers who reside in the region of Monsul. They refer to themselves as Dasni, but other Kruds give them the name of Yezidi, which is thought to be derived from the Persian Yazdan, meaning "God."

Their religion is presumably a combination of Mazdaism, Islam and Christianity, and their theology resembles that of
Gnostics and Albigensian beliefs. The world is believed to have been created by Lucifer, the fallen angel as an agent of the supreme God, and Lucifer is propitiated by worship in the symbolic form of the peacock. The reasoning of this worship is that it avoids mentioning the Devil by name and averts evil.

In their religious beliefs the Yezidees consider Christ to be an angel in human form, and Mohammed a prophet along with Abraham and others. They practice baptism and circumcision.

Their sacred texts were translated by F. Nau, Recueil de textes et de documents sur les Yezidis (1918). There are other works describing the Yezidia and their beliefs: The Cult of the Peacock Angel by R. H. Empson (1928), Adventures in Arabia among the Bedouins Druses Whirling Derivishes & Yezidee Devilworshipers by W. B. Seabrook (1928), Peacock Angel by E. S. Drower.

Source: 9.

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