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The phenomenon of writing in an unknown language which is more difficult to verify than xenoglossy. Many researchers believe many incidences to be a result of cryptomnesia.

French physiologist Charles Richet reported the case of Madame X, a French medium, who wrote long Greek sentences while in a trance. To Richet's discovery he found many of the sentences could have came from a French-Greek dictionary.

The phenomenon is said to be persued by the late 19th century medium from Geneva, Switzerland, Catherine Elisa Muller, using the pseudonym Helene Smith. She produced quite a controversy by her supposedly astral visits to Mars. Although never working as a paid medium she held seances for friends as entertaiment.

She was known to use glossolalia and do automatic writing in Arabic. She would hypnotize herself and then a character of Leopold would speak and write through her.

Several scholars iinvestigated Smith's claims, and it was thought the lady had a very active imagination possibly accompanied with some telepathy and telekinesis. Leopold was possibly her highly developed second personality. Anyhow, the flattery or criticism held friends steadfast to her as she enjoyed wealth and fame while supporting herself in a high position in a large Geneva store. A.G.H.

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