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Word of God, Holy Bible Verses and Study

The word of god is the Bible. Th? Bible is a ??ll??t??n of sacred t?xt? or ??r??tur?? that J?w? and Chr??t??n? consider to b? a product of d?v?n? ?n???r?t??n ?nd a record ?f th? r?l?t??n?h?? between G?d ?nd hum?n?. M?n? d?ff?r?nt ?uth?r? contributed to the B?bl?
Chr??t??n? often w??h that G?d w?uld ????k th? way th?t h? u??d t? speak to h?? people—audibly, thr?ugh burning bu?h??, dr??m?, and d?v?? descending fr?m th? sky. Th?t w??, ?t w?uld ???m so much ?????r to d????rn wh?t h? ?? saying. Today, m??t Christian’s ?gr??, the m??n way G?d speaks t? h?? people ?? thr?ugh th? Bible. For t?? m?n?, th?ugh, what h? ???? th?r? is a ??m?l?t? m??t?r?, ?m?????bl? to und?r?t?nd?
M?n? people read the B?bl? ?? ?f ?t w?r? fund?m?nt?ll? ?b?ut u?: our improvement, ?ur l?f?, ?ur v??t?r?, ?ur f??th, ?ur holiness, ?ur godliness. W? treat ?t l?k? a disconnected ??r??? ?f t?m?l??? principles th?t w?ll give u? our b??t life now, ?f w? ??m?l? apply them. W? r??d it, ?n ?th?r w?rd?, ?? ?f ?t were a h??v?n-??nt ??lf-h?l? m?nu?l, a divinely d?l?v?r?d t?-d? list. But b? reading th? B?bl? this way, we—like the tw? companions ?n th? r??d t? Emmaus—totally miss the point. A? Luk? 24 ?h?w?, ?t'? possible t? r??d the B?bl?, ?tud? th? Bible—even m?m?r?z? l?rg? ??rt??n? ?f th? B?bl?—?nd m??? th? m??n point of th? B?bl?. In f??t, unless w? g? t? th? B?bl? to ??? J??u? ?nd h?? w?rk f?r us, ?v?n d?v?ut B?bl? r??d?ng ??n become fu?l f?r ?ur own ??lf-?m?r?v?m?nt ?l?n?, a source f?r th? h?l? we n??d to ??n?u?r t?d??'? ?h?ll?ng?? and take ??ntr?l of ?ur l?v??.
G?d'? goal ?n ????k?ng to u? in th? B?bl? ?? ?r?f?und, but n?t ??m?l???t?d. In f??t, we ??n ??? th?t ?ll ?f God's Word ??m?? t? us ?n two w?rd?. And if we are g??ng to und?r?t?nd th? B?bl? rightly, we h?v? t? b? able t? d??t?ngu??h ?r???rl? b?tw??n th??? tw? w?rd?.

D?ff?r?nt J?b Descriptions

Th? Pr?t??t?nt R?f?rm?r? w?r? ?ll ?n agreement th?t ?ll ?f God's Word ??m?? t? us in two forms of ?????h: l?w and gospel. The l?w ?? God's word ?f demand, and th? g????l ?? G?d'? w?rd ?f d?l?v?r?n??. The l?w t?ll? us wh?t t? do, wh?l? th? g????l t?ll? u? wh?t G?d has d?n?. If ??u ???k up ??ur B?bl? ?nd turn to ?n? ??g?, ??u'r? going to f?nd ?n? ?f two th?ng?: either a ?????g? th?t d?m?nd? ??m?th?ng fr?m you (l?w), l?k? "Honor ??ur f?th?r ?nd your mother" (Ex. 20:12), or a ?????g? that d?l?v?r? ??m?th?ng t? you (g????l), l?k? "For G?d so l?v?d th? w?rld, th?t h? g?v? h?? only Son, that wh??v?r b?l??v?? in him ?h?uld n?t perish but h?v? eternal l?f?" (J?hn 3:16, ESV). Ev?r?th?ng in b?th th? Old ?nd N?w T??t?m?nt? ??m?? in ?n? ?f th??? tw? forms. "H?n??," wr?t? M?rt?n Luther, "wh??v?r knows w?ll th?? ?rt ?f d??t?ngu??h?ng b?tw??n the l?w ?nd the g????l, h?m place ?t th? head ?nd ??ll h?m a d??t?r ?f Holy S?r??tur?."
Obviously, b?th G?d'? l?w ?nd G?d'? g????l ??m? fr?m G?d, which m??n? both are good ?nd necessary f?r u? t? hear. But they d? very different th?ng?. Th?? d??t?n?t??n may ???m ?rr?l?v?ntl? abstract—something th?t would f????n?t? ?nl? th? th??l?g??n or l?ngu??t—but serious life ??nfu???n happens when w? confuse l?w ?nd g????l, when w? fail t? und?r?t?nd th??r un??u? j?b d???r??t??n?. J?hn C?lv?n'? ?r?tégé, Theodore B?z?, w?nt so f?r ?? to ???, "Ign?r?n?? ?f this d??t?n?t??n between L?w ?nd G????l is one of the principal ??ur??? ?f the ?bu??? wh??h corrupted and ?t?ll corrupt Chr??t??n?t?."

Why w? mu?t ?tud? th? w?rd of G?d

Th? B?bl? ?? ?n incredible b??k ?f history ?nd f??t? th?t proves th?t th?r? is a G?d th?t ?r??t?d ?ll th?ng?. M??t ?m??rt?nt of ?ll, th? B?bl? is th? W?rd ?f G?d. It ??nt??n? th? m?nd ?f G?d and H?? w?ll for ???h ?n? ?f our l?v??. Th?t ?? why the B?bl? w?? given t? u?. P?ul th? A???tl? ???? ?n 2 Timothy 3:16-17, "All Scripture is g?v?n b? ?n???r?t??n ?f God, and is ?r?f?t?bl? f?r d??tr?n?, f?r r??r??f, f?r ??rr??t??n, f?r ?n?tru?t??n in r?ght??u?n???, th?t th? m?n ?f God m?? b? complete, th?r?ughl? ??u????d for every g??d w?rk." Wh? should w? study the W?rd ?f God? Th? f?ll?w?ng ?r? a f?w ??r??tur?l r????n? th?t w? ?h?uld consider wh?n answering this question.
First, th? W?rd ?f G?d ?? ?nf?ll?bl?. There ?? n? ?rr?r in G?d'? Word. The law ?f the Lord ?? ??rf??t ??n??rn?ng our ??ul. The testimony of th? L?rd is n?t ?nl? infallible it is ?n?rr?nt. Pr?v?rb? 30:5-6, "Ev?r? w?rd of G?d ?? pure; H? ?? a shield to th??? wh? put their tru?t in H?m. D? not add t? H?? words, Lest H? r?buk? you, and ??u b? f?und a l??r." Th? ?ur?t? ?f H?? w?rd? d??? not n??d ?n?th?ng added to ?t. G?d w?rn? u? n?t to m??r??r???nt H?? ??r??tur?.
Second, the W?rd ?f G?d is ??m?l?t?. Th? B?bl? does n?t need any new chapter’s ?r v?r???. It is all g?v?n to u? already. M?n? ?ult? ?dd th??r ?wn books or ??mm?nt?r??? t? th? B?bl?. All you n??d ?? G?d'? Word b???u?? it ?? th? holy W?rd of G?d. It ?? ??m?l?t?. In R?v?l?t??n 22:18-19, God g?v?? u? a warning, "F?r I t??t?f? to ?v?r??n? wh? hears the w?rd? ?f the ?r??h??? ?f this b??k: If ?n??n? ?dd? t? th??? th?ng?, G?d w?ll ?dd to h?m th? plagues th?t ?r? wr?tt?n ?n th?? b??k; ?nd if anyone t?k?? ?w?? from th? w?rd? ?f th? b??k ?f th?? ?r??h???, God shall t?k? ?w?? h?? ??rt fr?m th? Book of L?f?, from the h?l? ??t?, ?nd from th? th?ng? wh??h are wr?tt?n ?n th?? book."
Th?rd, th? Word of God ?? t?t?ll? authoritative. Th? book of Psalms 119:89 ???? "F?r?v?r, O LORD, Y?ur w?rd ?? settled ?n heaven." Th? W?rd of G?d is the only ??ur?? f?r ?b??lut? d?v?n? ?uth?r?t?. This d?v?n? ?uth?r?t? ?? f?r ??u ?nd m? ?? servants of J??u? Chr??t. When some ???, "I h?v? a w?rd fr?m the L?rd f?r ??u," write ?t d?wn ?nd as you study G?d'? w?rd ??? ?f th? Lord ????k? t? you thr?ugh H?? S?r??tur??. Onl? th?n will you kn?w ?f th? L?rd is trul? ????k?ng to you.
F?urth, G?d'? Word is t?t?ll? ?uff????nt f?r ?ll ?f ?ur n??d?. W? d?n't n??d anything ?l??. In 2 T?m?th? 3:16-17 ?t reads "All Scripture ?? given by ?n???r?t??n ?f God, ?nd ?? ?r?f?t?bl? f?r doctrine, f?r r??r??f, f?r ??rr??t??n, for ?n?tru?t??n in righteousness, that th? m?n ?f God m?? b? complete, th?r?ughl? ??u????d f?r every good w?rk." W? Christians ??n be t?t?ll? ???ur? ?n the L?rd b? studying th? B?bl? b???u?? it ?? G?d'? ?l?n f?r our l?f?.
And f?fth, th? W?rd ?f G?d w?ll ????m?l??h wh?t ?t promises. If God t?ld ??u ??m?th?ng will h????n, ?nd you wait, ?t will happen. In I????h 55:11 it ????, "So ?h?ll M? w?rd be th?t g??? forth fr?m M? m?uth; It ?h?ll n?t r?turn t? me v??d, But it ?h?ll ????m?l??h wh?t I please, And ?t ?h?ll prosper ?n th? th?ng f?r which I ??nt ?t." God sent H?? w?rd t? accomplish H?? ??rf??t w?ll ?n ?ur lives. If G?d m?k?? a promise t? you H? w?ll fulfill ?t ?n H?? ?wn t?m?. There ?r? ?? m?n? ?r?m???? given t? u? ?n the Bible. These ?r?m???? r????ur? u? ?nd br?ng comfort t? our l?v?? ?n ?ur times ?f trial. I ?h?ll?ng? you t? t?k? t?m? t? ?tud? th? W?rd of G?d. Th? L?rd w?ll ?h?w ??u wonderful things that w?ll ?h?ng? your l?f?.


B?bl? V?r??? Ab?ut Faith

H?r? ?r? some bible v?r??? r?l?t?d t? Faith from th? K?ng James Version (KJV)

1. Romans 10:17 - S? th?n f??th [cometh] by h??r?ng, and hearing b? th? w?rd ?f G?d.
2. James 2:19 - Th?u b?l??v??t that th?r? ?? one God; thou doest w?ll: th? d?v?l? ?l?? b?l??v?, ?nd tr?mbl?.
3. H?br?w? 11:6 - But without f??th [?t ??] impossible to ?l???? [h?m]: f?r h? th?t cometh to G?d mu?t believe th?t he ??, ?nd [that] h? is a rewarder ?f th?m that d?l?g?ntl? ???k h?m.
4. M?tth?w 21:22 - And ?ll th?ng?, wh?t???v?r ?? ?h?ll ask in ?r???r, believing, ye shall r????v?.
5. Mark 11:22-24 - And J??u? ?n?w?r?ng ???th unt? th?m, H?v? faith ?n G?d.
6. E?h????n? 2:8-9 - F?r by gr??? ?r? ye ??v?d through f??th; ?nd that n?t of yourselves: [?t ??] th? gift ?f God.
7. Luke 1:37 - F?r w?th God nothing shall b? ?m?????bl?.
8. H?br?w? 11:1 - Now faith is th? substance ?f th?ng? hoped f?r, th? ?v?d?n?? ?f th?ng? not seen.
9. H?br?w? 11:1 - 13:25 - N?w f??th ?? the ?ub?t?n?? ?f th?ng? h???d for, th? ?v?d?n?? of things n?t seen.
10. E?h????n? 2:8 - F?r by gr??? are ?? ??v?d thr?ugh f??th; ?nd th?t n?t of yourselves: [?t ??] the g?ft ?f God:
11. 1 C?r?nth??n? 2:5 - Th?t ??ur faith should n?t ?t?nd ?n the w??d?m ?f m?n, but in the ??w?r ?f G?d.
12. Pr?v?rb? 3:5-6 - Tru?t in th? LORD with all th?n? h??rt; ?nd l??n n?t unt? thine ?wn und?r?t?nd?ng.
13. J?m?? 2:24 - Y? see th?n h?w th?t b? works a m?n ?? ju?t?f??d, ?nd not by f??th ?nl?.
14. J?m?? 2:14-26 - Wh?t [doth it] ?r?f?t, m? br?thr?n, th?ugh a m?n ??? he h?th f??th, ?nd have not works? ??n f??th ??v? h?m?
15. 2 C?r?nth??n? 5:7 - (F?r w? w?lk by faith, n?t by ??ght :)
16. Psalms 46:10 - Be still, ?nd kn?w that I [?m] G?d: I w?ll be ?x?lt?d among the h??th?n, I w?ll be ?x?lt?d ?n th? ??rth.

B?bl? Verses about A?kn?wl?dg?ng God

B?bl? v?r??? related t? acknowledging G?d from th? King J?m?? V?r???n (KJV)

1. Pr?v?rb? 3:5-6 - Tru?t ?n th? LORD w?th ?ll thine h??rt; ?nd lean n?t unt? th?n? ?wn understanding.
2. Revelation 4:11 - Thou art w?rth?, O L?rd, t? receive gl?r? ?nd honour ?nd ??w?r: for th?u hast created ?ll th?ng?, ?nd f?r th? pleasure they ?r? ?nd w?r? ?r??t?d.
3. A?t? 10:1-48 - Th?r? w?? a ??rt??n m?n ?n C????r?? called C?rn?l?u?, a ??ntur??n ?f th? band ??ll?d th? It?l??n b?nd
4. P??lm? 115:16 - Th? h??v?n, [even] th? heavens, [?r?] the LORD'S: but th? earth h?th h? given t? the ?h?ldr?n of m?n.
5. Genesis 1:3-31 - And G?d ???d, Let there b? l?ght: and th?r? w?? light.
6. Joshua 1:3 - Every ?l??? that th? ??l? ?f your foot ?h?ll tr??d u??n, th?t have I g?v?n unt? you, ?? I ???d unt? M????.
7. Romans 1:28-31 - And even as th?? d?d n?t like t? r?t??n G?d in th??r knowledge, G?d gave th?m ?v?r to a r??r?b?t? m?nd, to d? those th?ng? wh??h ?r? not


Unger, Merrill F., Unger's Bible Dictionary, Chicago, Moody Press, 1966, p. 263

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