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V?lh?ll? ?ls? kn?w as h?ll ?f th? ?l??n ?? a m?j??t??, ?n?rm?u? hall l???t?d ?n A?g?rd, ruled ?v?r b? th? g?d Odin. H?lf of th??? wh? die ?n ??mb?t tr?v?l to Valhalla u??n d??th, l?d b? v?lk?r???, while th? other h?lf g? to the g?dd??? Fr??j?'? field Flkvangr. In V?lh?ll?, th? dead j??n th? m????? of th??? wh? have d??d ?n combat kn?wn as Einherjar and v?r??u? l?g?nd?r? Germanic h?r??? ?nd kings, ?? th?? prepare t? aid Od?n dur?ng th? events ?f Ragnark. B?f?r? th? hall ?t?nd? th? golden tr?? Glasir, ?nd th? h?ll'? ceiling ?? th?t?h?d w?th golden ?h??ld?. V?r??u? ?r??tur?? l?v? ?r?und V?lh?ll?, ?u?h ?? th? ?t?g E?k?rn?r ?nd the g??t H??rn, both d???r?b?d ?? ?t?nd?ng ?t?? V?lh?ll? ?nd ??n?um?ng the f?l??g? ?f the tr?? Lr?r.


V?lh?ll? ?? ?tt??t?d in the P??t?? Edda, compiled ?n the 13th ??ntur? fr?m earlier tr?d?t??n?l sources, th? Pr??? Edd?, written ?n the 13th ??ntur? by Snorri Sturlu??n ?n stanzas ?f ?n ?n?n?m?u? 10th ??ntur? poem commemorating th? death of Er?? Bl??d?x? kn?wn as E?rk?ml ?? ??m??l?d ?n Fagrskinna. Valhalla h?? ?n???r?d v?r??u? w?rk? of ?rt, ?ubl???t??n titles, ???ul?r ?ultur? r?f?r?n???, ?nd h?? become a term ??n?n?m?u? with a martial (?r ?th?rw???) h?ll ?f the chosen dead.

V?lh?ll? ?? f?r?t mentioned ?n ?h??t?r 2 ?f the Pr??? Edda book G?lf?g?nn?ng, wh?r? ?t ?? described ??rt??ll? in ?uh?m?r?z?d f?rm. In the ?h??t?r, K?ng Gylfi ??t? ?ut to A?g?rd in th? gu??? of ?n old man going b? th? n?m? ?f G?ngl?r? to find th? ??ur?? ?f th? ??w?r ?f th? g?d?. Th? narrative states th?t th? ??r f?r???w h?? arrival and h?d ?r???r?d gr?nd ?llu???n? f?r h?m, ?? that wh?n G?ng?rl? ?nt?r? th? f?rtr???, he ???? a hall of such a h??ght th?t h? h?? tr?ubl? ????ng ?v?r ?t, and n?t???? th?t th? r??f ?f the hall ?? ??v?r?d ?n g?ld?n ?h??ld?, ?? if they were ?h?ngl??. G?ngl?r? sees a m?n ?n th? doorway of th? hall juggl?ng ?h?rt ?w?rd?, and k????ng seven in the air at once. Am?ng other th?ng?, the m?n says th?t th? h?ll b?l?ng? to his k?ng, ?nd ?dd? th?t he ??n take G?ngl?r? t? the king. Gangleri follows h?m, ?nd th? door ?l???? b?h?nd h?m. All ?r?und h?m h? ???? m?n? l?v?ng ?r???, and thr?ng? ?f people, some ?f wh??h are ?l???ng games, ??m? ?r? dr?nk?ng, ?nd others are f?ght?ng w?th w????n?. Gangleri ???? thr?? thrones, ?nd thr?? f?gur?? ??tt?ng u??n th?m: H?gh ??tt?ng on th? lowest thr?n?, Ju?t-A?-H?gh ??tt?ng ?n th? next h?gh??t thr?n?, ?nd Th?rd sitting ?n the highest. The m?n gu?d?ng Gangleri t?ll? h?m th?t High is the k?ng ?f the h?ll.


In chapter 20, Th?rd ?t?t?? that Od?n m?n? V?lh?ll? w?th the E?nh?rj?r: the dead wh? fall ?n b?ttl? and b???m? Odin's adopted ??n?. In chapter 36, H?gh states th?t v?lk?r??? serve drinks ?nd ??? t? the t?bl?? ?n V?lh?ll?, ?nd Grmn??ml ?t?nz?? 40 t? 41 are th?n ?u?t?d ?n r?f?r?n?? t? this. High continues th?t th? valkyries ?r? sent b? Od?n to ?v?r? battle, wh?r? th?? choose wh? is t? d??, ?nd d?t?rm?n? v??t?r?.


In chapter 38, G?ngl?r? ????: "You ??? th?t ?ll m?n wh? have f?ll?n ?n battle from th? b?g?nn?ng of th? w?rld ?r? n?w w?th Odin in Valhalla. W?th what d??? he f??d th?m? I ?h?uld think th? ?r?wd th?r? ?? l?rg?." H?gh responds th?t this ?? indeed true, th?t a huge ?m?unt ?r? ?lr??d? ?n V?lh?ll?, but ??t th?? amount will ???m t? be t?? f?w when "th? w?lf ??m??." H?gh d???r?b?? th?t th?r? are never t?? m?n? to f??d in Valhalla, f?r they feast fr?m Shrmnir (h?r? described as a boar), ?nd th?t this b???t ?? cooked ?v?r? d?? ?nd ?? ?g??n whole every n?ght. Grmn??ml stanza 18 ?? then r???unt?d. G?ngl?r? asks ?f Od?n h?m??lf eats the ??m? f??d as th? E?nh?rj?r, ?nd High r????nd? th?t Od?n n??d? n?th?ng t? ??tOd?n only consumes w?n??nd he gives his f??d to his w?lv?? G?r? ?nd Fr?k?. Grmnisml ?t?nz? 19 is then recounted. High ?dd?t??n?ll? ?t?t?? th?t ?t ?unr???, Od?n ??nd? h?? ravens Hug?nn and Mun?nn from V?lh?ll? t? fl? thr?ugh?ut th? entire w?rld, ?nd they return in t?m? f?r th? f?r?t meal th?r?.


In chapter 39, Gangleri asks about th? food and dr?nk? th? E?nh?rj?r ??n?um?, ?nd ??k? ?f ?nl? w?t?r ?? available there. High r??l??? th?t, of course, V?lh?ll? has f??d and dr?nk? f?t for kings ?nd j?rl?, f?r th? m??d consumed in Valhalla is produced fr?m th? udd?r? ?f th? g??t H??rn, wh? in turn f??d? ?n th? leaves ?f the "famous tr??" Lr?r. The g??t ?r?du??? ?? mu?h mead in a day th?t it fills a m????v? v?t large enough f?r ?ll ?f the E?nh?rj?r ?n V?lh?ll? t? satisfy their th?r?t fr?m it. H?gh furth?r ?t?t?? th?t th? ?t?g Eikyrnir stands ?t?? Valhalla ?nd ?h?w? on th? branches ?f Lr?r. So mu?h m???tur? dr??? fr?m h?? h?rn? that it falls d?wn t? th? w?ll Hvelgelmir, resulting in numerous rivers.


In ?h??t?r 40, G?ngl?r? muses th?t Valhalla mu?t b? qu?t? ?r?wd?d, t? wh??h H?gh responds by ?t?t?ng th?t V?lh?ll? ?? massive and r?m??n? r??m? d????t? the large ?m?unt of ?nh?b?t?nt?, ?nd th?n qu?t?? Grmnisml stanza 23. In ?h??t?r 41, Gangleri ???? that Od?n seems t? b? qu?t? a powerful l?rd, as h? controls qu?t? a b?g army, but he ??t wonders how th? E?nh?rj?r keep themselves bu?? wh?n th?? are n?t drinking. H?gh r??l??? that d??l?, ?ft?r th??'v? dressed ?nd ?ut ?n th??r war gear, th?? g? out to th? ??urt??rd and battle ?n? ?n?th?r ?n ?n?-?n-?n? ??mb?t for ???rt. Then, wh?n mealtime comes, th?? r?d? h?m? t? V?lh?ll? ?nd dr?nk. H?gh th?n quotes V?frn??ml stanza 41. In ?h??t?r 42, High d???r?b?? th?t, "right at th? beginning, wh?n th? gods w?r? settling" th?? h?d ??t?bl??h?d A?g?rd and th?n bu?lt V?lh?ll?. The d??th ?f th? g?d B?ldr ?? r???unt?d in ?h??t?r 49, wh?r? th? m??tl?t?? th?t is u??d t? k?ll B?ldr ?? d???r?b?d ?? gr?w?ng w??t ?f V?lh?ll?.

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