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This word is rendered "images," "idolatry," or the like. They are presently thought to have been small images, or household gods.

Rachel is said to have stolen her father's teraphim (Genesis 31:19). Laban called them his gods (Genesis 31:30). In the history of Micah of Mount Ephraim the teraphim appeared as objects of worship, and as of he furniture that he provided for what is called "his house of Gods" (Judges 17:5). Jacob pointed to the teraphim when he told members of his household to put away "the strange gods" that were among them (Genesis 35:2). Josiah also referred to the teraphim (2 Chronicles 34:7; 2 Kings 12:24). They are named by Hosea among the articles of false worship, and are among the objects of superstitious regard with the king of Babylon (Ezekiel 21:21). A.G.H.

Source: 80, 305.

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