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The Rise

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"In medieval Europe, a new power was rising. A heresy had infiltrated the Catholic hierarchy, beginning a centuries-long campaign to alter the Church's original teachings.

This heresy was a penitent movement, based on a Babylonian cult of the dead.
The bizarre public spectacles they displayed -- and still do today in the streets of Europe -- include acts of penance and self-mortification, but there are smokescreens to draw attention from the movement's true workings.

The authors led a team of researchers tracking this movement from the Middle-East to Italy, Germany and France. Eventually, they realized that the mystery of Rennes-le-Chateau, linked with the extraordinary fortune of one Berenger Sauniere, was another episode in the long and intriguing tale of this heretical movement.

"The Rise" reveals that within the world of religion, there have long been secret battles between the Church hierarchy and various movements that have tried to penetrate and take it over -- sometimes successfully!"

Description of the book as found onères-Workings-Penitential-Movement/dp/1931882878

Editorial Reviews
Product Description
Within medieval Europe, a new power was rising. A heresy had infiltrated the hierarchy of the Catholic Church almost to the very top, and begun what would become a centuries-long campaign of altering the Church's original teachings to make them conform to its own.

About the Authors
Isaac ben Jacob & Sarah Fishberg are both French journalists, living in Normandy. They spearhead a team of international researchers, with whom the story of the penitential network and its history in Europe rose to the surface.

Product Details
" Paperback: 272 pages
" Publisher: Adventures Unlimited Press (September 12, 2008)
" Language: English
" ISBN-10: 1931882878
" ISBN-13: 978-1931882873
Product Dimensions: 9 x 6 x 1 inches


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