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The Gospel According to Lilith: Book One


Transmogrification Was Only the Beginning


Author 's new view of the Biblical origins of good and evil


Vallejo, CA – (Release Date: January 2010) – Lonnie Hicks, in a work of historical fiction, gives an alternative version of the birth of good and evil with the release of his new novel, "The Gospel According to Lilith: Book One," published through Hicks Publishing..

Hicks adapts his historical fiction novel around God’s wife Lilith (her sacred name was Asherah) and her bewitchment by Lucifer, God’s most favored angel. A child is conceived of this union. Hicks recreates this story where Lilith finds herself exiled along with Lucifer to Earth after an all-out war in heaven. God’s punishment is that fully one-third of the angels who sided with her and Lucifer were banished to Earth for all eternity.

Thus begins an engrossing re-telling of creation, from the development of Earth to the evolution of humanity, to Jesus’ role on earth--of every major event in the bible from Lilith’s point of view.

In the telling Hicks incorporates new archeological findings in Israel (see the November 2008 Nova special “The Bible’s Buried Secrets” http://www.pbs.org/wgbh/nova/bible/program.html) which gives a radical new picture of who wrote the bible and the origins of both the bible and the Israelites themselves.

Hicks and Nova assert that God had a wife, (Asherah); that the early Israelites were indigenous to Canaan, not outsiders, and were serfs and vassals of Egyptian overlords. These humble serfs became revolutionaries, rose up and gained their freedom in this context, and wrote bible which created history-changing concepts of justice, freedom and equality. The story of Lilith is part of this story and the introduction of these ideas in history.

These ideas have come down the centuries to influence all of western history and are at the very core of our American society itself; and its origins and history. “Thomas Jefferson,” Hicks notes “used the bible as his blueprint for the outlines of the American Constitution, insisting that small, egalitarian communities were the bedrock of democratic society”—much like those established among early Israelites.

In The Gospel According to Lilith, Hicks’ incorporates these new findings to illuminate what some of the hidden meanings in the bible actually are and Lilith’s role in generating those ideas.

The outcome in the book is a completely new vision of what is going on in the bible, of what is good, and what is evil and why; of who and what the conflict between Satan and God was actually about. What is the symbolism in the Garden of Eden of the serpent and the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil and their relationship to Asherah? Readers discover a fresh, bold, point of view regarding God, the Creation, and even Lucifer. For more information on this book, interested parties can log on to www.lonniehicks.com where Hicks has a companion reader and study guide to the novel. Email: Lonnie@lonniehicks.com. Review copies and audio chapters available upon request.

About the Author:

Lonnie Hicks born in Chicago, graduated Howard University with a Masters in Politics and, in addition, received a MBA degree from UC Berkeley. He has taught courses, including the bible, in Institutional Studies classes in the Bay Area.


The Gospel According to Lilith: Book One by Lonnie Hicks


Publication Date: January 2010

Trade Paperback; $14.95; 259 pages; 978-0-984-43486-33

The e-book (9.99) is available now and the audio book will be available in mid-March


Below is a link to website, Amazon.


A New Historical Fiction Novel: "The Gospel According To Lilith"


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