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Gaialogue with Stuart Sovatsky, PhD

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We are excited to present a fascinating

Stuart Sovatsky, PhD received the only US Federal grant (1976) to bring yoga and Sanskrit chanting to incarcerated youth, was first in the US to introduce yoga (1978) to the homeless mentally-ill; convened the first International Prison Yoga Conference and is initiating co-convener of the forty-country World Congress on Psychology and Spirituality, 2008, in Delhi, India, with Robert Thurman, Stan Grof and BKS Iyengar. He has authored numerous books and poetic works and as a Kundalini Yoga Anahata Nad Chant-master has three CDs with Axis Mundi and has performed in the US, France, Germany, Russia and India. As a psychotherapist he specializes in marriage counselling and is director of the Kundalini Clinic and Blue Oak Berkeley Counseling. He is the co-president of the US Association for Transpersonal Psychology and was founding consultant to Green City Lofts the largest green-design complex in California.


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Jose Luis G. Soler
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