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Fighting Evil: Warrior Plans

Rebecca Tacosa Gray*

An Excerpt from the Book,

The Sword of Truth
(Copyright 2008 Rebecca Tacosa Gray)


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This is what one might call a Warrior Plan. It is meant to give you an idea of how To become a Warrior, as that is what is really required to overcome the negativity of evil when you have been Aurally breached. Below I have put forth two examples of two Warriors, two being who, at work, battle down evil inviolately. When you are facing the type of energy you’re facing, when you are hearing voices, you must have the strength of mind to look at yourself, know you’re normal, and fight them down. They are not you, they’ll never be you, they are just present in your space at the moment. Both Michael and Jesus can assist you as you fight, and both have a manner of fighting, both different, that should inspire you. If you rely on their strength and their way of fighting, you will battle your way through and put evil down. And it is what I call walking right through them.


Michael fights. Period. These are things that you can look at for inspiration in yourself. I'm also reminding you that you MUST BE YOUR OWN WARRIOR. You must look to yourself, and develop your own strength based on your life and your own personality. However, some of that strength is based on role models, and Michael is a true role model for many. He protected me inviolately, so I know how he protects, and I know how strong he is. This plan will show you what Michael is like.

Michael is immensely strong. He has a quiet strong will, built on immense experience. What you would see in yourself is that you do not panic. You do not get upset at what you're experiencing. You look at it, feel immense strength in your chest, in yourself, and you look at how to battle through it and solve the problem. The goal: always to put it down, to protect yourself.

Michael has an arsenal of weaponry at his fingertips, and there are two types:


Those weapons we know as traditional. To put down in Warrior fashion. Here are some methods I've experienced and used.

The Sword: Michaels Sword is large, and it pierces straight through and beings are immediately put down. The feeling in the sword is a mix of matter of fact, a bit of love, and a feeling, not insulting in any way, but truth, certainty, a quiet "This is put down." And the being is immediately put down. That is the simple truth of it. And it is a Sword of strength. Know it.

The Arrow: The arrow I've seen used by many, and they are very strong, and straight as an arrow. I've also seen and used an arrow type, much like a dart, that completely puts down, and not in a good fashion, negative being. Think of it almost as a poison arrow, but not poison, it is a disintegrative put down, where the being's aural body quickly collapses and fails, maced entirely. It is a permanent put down. You can also, as I have done, use just the arrow head in this way: You capture the being inside the triangular arrow head, seeing it infused (it is part of the body of the arrow) with the disintegrative/mace quality, then collapse it upon itself with intent to destroy, as if you're taking the being and crushing it within the arrow. It will destroy them. Other arrows are normal, and one is very large, very thick, about the thickness of the arm. And when they use them, they fly true and stick.

he Energy Ball: This is an Angelic weapon, and very strong. It completely destroys, and destroys the entire energy present of whatever it encapsulates. It was used near me, near my right shoulder, and I watched it destroy completely the energy by intense explosion. I appropriated the weapon, and used it later to destroy anything I wanted to get rid of to protect myself. Interestingly enough, it became a softer weapon, over time, and I can now use both. If I call on it in a powerful manner, to be used as an explosive, I can. If I'm getting rid of something, it envelops and maces quickly and quietly. If you were to look at it, it looks like a visceral ball of energy. You can feel the energy, and when thrown, they are straight and true.


This love is a strong type of love. What you must understand about Michael's love is that it is a "I'm loving you right now, but I'm placing you down for your own good." And this is how you must understand it, if you wish to do it. And it is integral to being a Warrior, yourself. You must know that your heart is the strongest in the world, in this Universe, even, impenetrable. And you must know that your strength, will and love are capable of looking at the negative being you are faced with, making him as tiny as an ant, and holding him with love and extreme will, you envelop him in an energy that is your love. It is a visceral substance, love and strength combined with an "I'm not going to let you do this, it's time for you to go, and I’m putting you down." THAT is how strong that love must be. And, it is, in very truth, the type of strength that you need to be a warrior you, as strong as Michael. And I'm telling you this for your own good. Michael himself knows that you can be as strong as he is that you can put down being like he does. That you can command your space, command your energy, fight hard, and destroy them, dispel them and order them down like he does, and, as Jesus does, as well.

Something to explain about ordering Negative being down. You must have immense faith in yourself, and immense faith in True God to do so. True God understands you, and is immense, and will stand beside you and both of you, in love, have the strength to put negativity down. And this is how I will explain it: You must know, in your belly, that you love True God. That you understand him, that you know that he respects you, that he is there for you, you must know this. And, at the same time, you must KNOW THAT YOU HAVE THE RIGHT TO PUT THEM DOWN. IT IS AN INTERNAL RIGHT. IT IS AN INTERNAL RIGHT. Jesus commented on this in the Bible, he let you know that you have the right, and you have to KNOW IT. When I did it, and I'm immensely strong, having battled as I have for so long. I'm not afraid of anything, NOT ANYTHING. There is nothing to be afraid of, and you must KNOW IT IN YOUR BELLY. It is a strength. A settled strength and will. And I'll say this: if you look up and think, I'll rely on something else, or, I can't do this, or, I don't really have that kind of power, it will work against you. YOU MUST KNOW IT, IN YOURSELF, THAT YOU HAVE THE RIGHT TO PUT THEM DOWN. And when I did it, I looked at the being, knowing I'm stronger, knew he was powerless. I held his being and with COMPLETE CERTAINTY, SAID




You must PHYSICALLY hold every molecule of that being in your mind (while seeing THE WHOLE, THE WHOLE of the being), and you PHYSICALLY tell him or her NO with the entire weight of your own soul self and True God behind you. And in your mind, what you will see is that you are physically ordering them gone by telling them NO, and every molecule will respond with a certainty, and YOU WILL SEE IT, by responding with a sort of shut-down response. You will feel is a sort of resounding, of KNOWING.


Now, a word about KNOWING. If you find that you try this, and it does not work for you, it is because you fear. So, look at me. You must have complete and utter resolve, you must KNOW that you are fierce, strong, and that NO ONE, NO ONE HAS A RIGHT TO TELL YOU WHAT TO DO. You must also have COMPLETE AND UTTER FAITH IN TRUE GOD THAT YOU HAVE THE ABSOLUTE RIGHT TO ORDER THIS BEING FROM YOUR PRESENCE, WHICH IS TRUTH. ABSOLUTE TRUTH. I'M FACING YOU AND TELLING YOU its ABSOLUTE TRUTH. In both of these are truths that you cannot avoid. It is strength itself you will find. YOU WILL KNOW IT WHEN YOU HAVE DONE IT. YOU WILL FEEL IT IN THE PIT OF YOUR BELLY, AND I'LL TELL YOU THIS: ONCE YOU HAVE DONE THIS, YOU WILL NEVER BE AFRAID OF ANYTHING AGAIN. EVER.


This article will give you an idea of how Jesus fights--those things that you can look at for inspiration in yourself. I'm also reminding you that you MUST BE YOUR OWN WARRIOR. You must look to yourself, and develop your own strength based on your life and your own personality. However, some of that strength is based on role models, and Jesus is a true role model for many. He's protected me inviolately, so I know how he protects, and I know how strong he is. This plan will show you how Jesus protects and defends.

Jesus is quiet, and defends quietly and surely. This is a trait that could be useful for you as a warrior, kind of like a rock. Unshakeable. You are strong, faithful and sure about your ability to defend yourself, and weather things in a very calm manner. You evaluate the situation, and find a solution. For example, many things have happened to me, bodily rapes of energy, where I have learned not to panic. When you're faced with a situation that seems negative, you must understand that you're protected, and that you must find the best way, physical or spiritual, to handle it.

Jesus has unshakeable faith, and this is the truth. Jesus has faith in the human soul, and Jesus has faith in your heart and your ability to fight and stay strong. Jesus has faith in True God. Faith is important, as it involves knowing yourself and knowing who you love and why. This means that if you have unshakeable faith in your family, you never turn away. When you have undshakeable faith in True God, you never turn away, and you realize he never turns away from you, ever. This is also true of Jesus. He never turns away from you, under any circumstances. Faith will carry you when you are down. And above all, you must have faith in yourself. You must have faith in your own love, your own goodness, your own ability to fight, defend, and find a way to cope with every given situation. In fighting evil, you must have faith in your own beauty and love, and it must remain unshakeable. They can be heinous, and you mustn't let it destroy you.

Also, Jesus has great love, and respect for himself. He knows, because he fought through so much, and he faced evil directly and told them to descend. You, also, must have great love, true love, for yourself. You must never give up on yourself.. Jesus won't give up on you, but you, especially, must never give up on yourself. This is crucial to being a Warrior, period. Never give up anything. You stand your ground. Do not "deal" with evil, put it down. Face it and put it down. Jesus was not afraid centuries ago, during his lifetime. You should be the same. Know your own strength, keep Jesus beside you, and you fight. Jesus will protect as he protects. You must fight as you must fight. And respect his faith, they are very strong and they protect you, as well. The Catholic faith has methods that, should you wish to ask, in prayer, they will send to assist you. They have being who are called upon to shut down evil, saying "GET LOST, SATAN." or "GET OUT, SATAN." Also, in my instructions for binding a being to a physical object, they have a binding that seals the binding, cements it, and it is a Catholic Binding and very powerful. And if you are having trouble, call on our Pope. I went to see him in Rome, looking for an Exorcist and trying to reach him, and saw him at a Mass held in St. Paul's Cathedral Square. And I bought a medal with an imprint of him. He said a prayer, sang a prayer, at the end of the service, and during that time, the prayer, his love, blessed my medal and it protects me. I hear the prayer, the song, in my head, and feel the protection, his presence. He protects me. You should know that this is truth. If you cannot see him personally, buy a tape of a Mass, and listen to him with a medal of him present. Think of him, and ask his help, ask his protection. He will protect you.

Jesus has immense power for healing, and a true connection with the Holy Spirit when facing more serious circumstances. You can heal yourself by having faith that Jesus is right beside you, and that he sees your physical hurt and will help you weather and heal. You can also pull Jesus directly down on yourself, and this is how:

First, you must contact him. First read my section on "Spiritual Assistance," and then find a photo of Jesus, something that you like, that appeals to you. And focus on it, try to feel who Jesus really is, truly is, inside. Think of him not as the God he was, but as a human being across from you, a human being who loves you. And remember who he was. Read the Testaments of Matthew and try to understand what it must have been like when he was preaching, healing, and also what he went through when he carried the cross. If needs be, watch The Passion of the Christ, especially the final scenes. Understand, once you have done this, that Jesus was a real human being, who was hurt and hurt terribly. He suffered, and understands what it means to suffer. Imagine what it might have been like to be there, and watch it, feel with your heart. I'm not telling you to relive what happened, but to understand that he's someone who will support you. Who will know what you're going through. And once you've done this, try to look at him. Just look at him. And you should feel an energy. An energy that is Jesus. Focus on that energy, and pull it to you. And talk to him. Feel who he is. Jesus, in all reality, is beautiful. Try not to think of him as too heavily related to the Catholic Church. He manifests with a down-to-earth, close to you feeling. And when you've found him, I've found he protects in an appropriate manner, unobtrusive and supportive. Jesus will only intrude in an overt manner if he feels it's necessary. This doesn't mean that you can't see and feel him all the time, because you can. And he will talk to you, and you can pull him close to you. If you see this, and feel it, and you will know it, get to know him. He will be one of the most beloved relationships you will ever have. Once you've truly found Jesus, he will protect you inviolately with his power, which is immense. Try not to be overwhelmed by him, or feel small. He isn't that way at all. He has immense power that he does not abuse, he loves you. And his power is such that it envelops and protects, surrounds you, enters your space in a quiet manner, and protects you without interrupting your own self locomotion. Jesus also protects specific things about you: your physical person, personality traits, and your energy system (as many negative beings try to interrupt the energy system.) Other beings do this, as well, including Michael. Jesus will call on the Holy Spirit in terms of soul life, and sometimes protect your soul life himself. Beings used to expirate through my Sacral Chakra, and Jesus used to descend and die, literally, to replace what was taken. That has changed, however, and now he descends in love with the Holy Spirit, replaces what is lost and places a TAV of LIFE over your Soul life to protect you. Your soul life is physical, and is a physical part of your body. The Holy Spirit protects life inviolately, and protects in the quietest, strongest manner possible. It is the most beautiful form of holding. The Holy Spirit holds you, and it is warmth, comfort, and complete protection. You know you are safe when the Holy Spirit is holding you. The Holy Spirit is a being, a vast being, much like True God, and is beautiful beyond belief. It is a complex being, an understanding being, and neither male nor female. No being, on Earth or in Heaven, is or represents the Holy Spirit. There are those who are held beloved by the Holy Spirit, who call on the Holy Spirit, but no one who is the Holy Spirit but the Holy Spirit. Those who are held sometimes hold the Holy Spirit within them, close to them. Jesus held the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit descended upon him, much like it did upon me, and blessed him. And he held the Holy Spirit.

You can find the Holy Spirit, as well. You must think of the Holy Spirit not as a third person, but as a being close to you. Very close to you. The Holy Spirit is integrally tied to your life. It is a force that hears you. What you must do is close your eyes and listen, listen. And you must think of a being that is warmth, who protects life, who is vast, all around you, who holds you and understands you. The Holy Spirit is famed for allowing people to speak in tongues, and is also famed for holding all cultures beloved...knowing all, caring about all, healing all. It is loving, and strong in that when it holds you, you feel it hold your force, your life in a gentle manner that is firm, a being that wishes to hold and not drop you, but to protect you, truly protect and hold you in entirety. When you are being hurt by negative being, the Holy Spirit, if called upon, will protect you. So listen, and ask. Talk to the Holy Spirit, and ask for help, ask to be held, and I know it will hear you. And this is the truth. And do not ask if you have ulterior motives, or just wish to know a spiritual being. Ask in love, and in true wish to be protected, and in true wish to protect. Because I know the Holy Spirit, I expect that those who ask the Holy Spirit to be present to love the Holy Spirit as I do. Truly love. Truly hold in return what is holding you.

* Rebecca Tacosa Gray is the Owner & Founder, FIGHT. A COALITION AGAINST EVIL, MICHAPEDIA. Her goal is to Network all associations who specialize in Deliverance, Exorcism, and scientific methods of grounding evil and negative energies.

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